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Holiday Homes are wholly owned holiday properties. All 52 weeks are owned by the same person and are made available for exchange through RCI. These holiday properties consist of stand-alone homes, villas, condos and other types of holiday experiences
The check in process, decor, on-site services and holiday experience may vary from property to property and can be different from the standard RCI timeshare experience. Make sure to read the full property description when booking one of these properties to ensure a complete understanding of the holiday experience offered. Because many of these properties are stand-alone homes, the amount of weeks available for exchange at each is very limited as owners do not deposit al 52 weeks of the holiday experience offered.
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Abbazia Club Hotel Marotta (#6164)
Mondolfo-Marotta,  Pesaro-Urbino(PU)  61035,  Italy
Rating:    (2)
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Antico Palazzo Scala (#5283)
Sorrento,  Napoli(NA)  80067,  Italy
Rating:    (1)
Araba Fenice Village (#4185)
Torre dell'Orso,  Lecce(LE)  73020,  Italy
Rating:    (1)
Bachlaufen Haus (#5278)
Sesto Pusteria,  Bolzano(BZ)  39030,  Italy
Baia del Faro - Kartibubbo (#6421)
Campobello Mazara,  Trapani(TP)  91021,  Italy
Blue Marine Residence (#2739)
Rodi Garganico,  Foggia (FG)  71012,  Italy
Rating:    (4)
Borgo Antico - Hotels and Resorts (#7459)
Davoli Superiore,  Catanzaro(CZ)  88060,  Italy
Borgo degli Olivi la Villa (#6650)
Vignale Riotorto,  Livorno(LI)  57025,  Italy
Borgo di Vagli (#5884)
Mercatale Cortona,  Arezzo(AR)  52040,  Italy
Rating:    (1)
Ca' de Venezia (#4250)
Venezia,  (VE)  30124,  Italy
Rating:    (2)
Displaying 1 - 10   of   165 resorts