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The RCI Points® program provides you with a flexible approach to managing your holiday ownership. There are several ways in which you can move your Points between Use Years to combine your annual allocations.

Borrowing Points refers to moving Points from your next Use Year to use in your current Use Year.

If you need more Points, you can BORROW some from your next Use Year, provided that you have paid your next Use Year's annual RCI dues.

For example �� if your current Point balance is 24,000 Points, but your desired exchange holiday is valued at 30,000 Points, don’t panic! You can Borrow the shortfall of 6,000 Points from your next Use Year!

For more details on how Use Years work, click here ».

So what's the value of Borrowing Points?

  • It can increase your current Point balance, allowing you to exchange for a holiday at a resort for which you may otherwise have not had sufficient Points.
  • If you have already used all your current Use Year’s Points, but you want to take another exchange holiday, you can Borrow Points from your next Use Year.
  • If you know that you will be unable to take a holiday in your next Use Year, you can Borrow some Points and take an even better holiday now!
  • You can Borrow as many Points as you need �� from a small amount, to your entire allocation, it’s up to you!
  • You have the flexibility to combine Borrowed Points with Saved and Extended Points.
    For more information on Saving and Extending Points, click here ».

Something to note! �� Borrowing Points is completely free of charge! Your annual subscribing membership fees for the year from which you are Borrowing Points must be paid, but no additional fees apply.