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A Reservation Window is essentially a window of opportunity when you can request a specific type of reservation with less competition from other RCI® Subscribing Members. Each type of reservation at RCI affiliated resorts has its own associated Reservation Window.

You always have an opportunity to book your Home Week before it is made available to other members. There are also Reservation Windows during which you have priority over available units at your Home Resort and at other resorts within your Home Group of resorts. The illustration below shows each of the Reservation Windows, and when they apply:

RCI Weeks Reservation

You want to choose from any of the available RCI Weeks affiliated resorts.

2 Years or less

before check-in date

Home Week

You own fixed time, and want to reserve the specific week and unit you own.

13-12 Months

before check-in date

Home Resort

You own fixed or floating time, and want to reserve a unit at your Home Resort other than the one you own.

12-11 Months

before check-in date

Home Group

You want to reserve a unit at a resort which is part of a larger group of properties in your Home Group of resorts.

11-10 Months

before check-in date

Standard Reservation

You want to choose from any of the other available RCI Points® affiliated resorts.

10 Months

before check-in date

Something to note! – The Home Week, Home Resort and RCI Weeks Reservation Windows require seven-night stays. During the Home Group and Standard Reservation Windows, reservations can be made for less than seven-nights.

By understanding how Reservation Windows work, you will know when best to exchange – and that can only mean better holiday options for you!