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With the RCI Points® program you have the flexibility to combine the value of your timeshare ownership across multiple years:

Saving Points refers to carrying over Points from the Use Year in which they were allocated into your next Use Year*.
Extending Points refers to carrying over those same saved Points into a third Use Year.

If you don’t use all your Points in the Use Year they were allocated, you can SAVE them to your next Use Year.*

If you don’t use them in that second Use Year, you can pay a small fee to EXTEND them into a third Use Year.

So what’s the value of Saving & Extending Points?

  • You can combine up to three years worth of Points to exchange for a holiday at a resort or destination for which you may otherwise not have had sufficient Points.
  • It provides additional flexibility which may increase the range of holidays available to you and when you can take them.
  • If you are unable to take a holiday one year, you don’t have to lose your resort holiday time – you can effectively carry it over to the next year!
  • If you use less than your annual allotment of points to take your holiday, you can carry over any remaining Points to the next year!
Something to note! – Points are Saved automatically at the end of the Use Year in which they were allocated, and there is no fee providing that you have used at least some of those Points in that Use Year. To Extend your Points into a third year, you must notify RCI prior to their expiration. A fee applies to Extending Points, which varies depending upon the number of Points you wish to Extend.

*Saving Points is free of charge if you have used some of your Points by the end of the Use-Year in which they were allocated.