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Points to Remember page?
How helpful was this Points to Remember page?

The RCI Points® program provides subscribing members with a flexible way to exchange their holiday time for time at other resorts around the world. Your holiday Week is assigned a Point value, depending on a range of factors, such as:

  • Supply and demand at that resort
  • The type of unit you own
  • The season in which you own
  • Evaluations from members who have stayed there

This Point value is the number of Points that you are allocated each Use Year to exchange for holiday time at a choice of over 4,000 resorts in approximately 100 countries!*

How does it actually work?

How does RCI Points Work?

Ultimate Flexibility!

  • Flexibility: You decide where and when to travel and the size of your accommodations based on availability and the number of Points you have.
  • Nightly Availability: In addition to exchanging for full Weeks, you can also book available short breaks ten months in advance of check-in, even if you only need to stay for one night.
  • Save & Borrow: Use your holiday ownership your way, by Saving Points to the following Use Year, and even Borrowing Points from the next Use Year.
  • Other Exchange Options: As an RCI Points subscribing member, you also have the flexibility to exchange Points toward the purchase of thousands of Cruise holidays. Through the RCI Points Partner program you can also exchange a portion of your Points for discounts on products such as airfare, hotel stays, rental cars, and more.

Even more ways to get away!

Something to Note! – With the RCI Points program, you’re not limited to one exchange holiday per year. If you have sufficient Points, you can take as many holidays as you like!

* These holidays are limited. Destinations and travel times are subject to availability and confirmed on a first come, first served basis. Offer includes only accommodations and specifically excludes travel costs and other expenses that may be incurred. Taxes, additional fees and charges may apply. All-inclusive resorts may charge a mandatory all-inclusive fee. Promotional discounts and offers may not apply to all properties. Other restrictions may apply. Offer void where prohibited by law. Subject to availability and your accessible Points balance.