About RCI Points Membership

My online account explained

The easiest way to manage your RCI membership is through your online account once you have signed in. Select ‘My account’ from under the person icon in the top navigation bar to carry out the following activities:

  • Edit your personal details, such as your home address, email address and change your password.
  • Print your membership ID card.
  • Upgrade to RCI Platinum membership.
  • Sign up for Direct Debit payments.
  • Extend Your Points. If you have points to extend, you can also do this as part of your Exchange Reservation.
  • Manage the renewal of your membership if you are not a Direct Debit member. If your balance is currently paid up to date but you wish to upgrade to RCI Platinum, if your current Use Year has 5 or less months remaining on it, you will only be able upgrade once your new Use Year begins.
  • If you have outstanding fees due you can also pay them online if you click on ‘PAY INVOICE’.
  • View your point’s balances.

Your balance statement will give you the following information. Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer a breakdown of all transactions, however you can view all past and present reservations present in ‘My Holiday Plans.’

Previous Use Year/Points Saved
These show the amount of points saved from your previous Use Year., You may have since used all, or a portion of, these points, so the number of points showing may not be up to date.

Save Points Remaining
These are the amount of points saved from your previous Use Year which are still available to use. These points can either be used for an Exchange Holiday or extended into your next use year, if eligible.

Saved Points Expiration Date
If you have saved points from your last Use Year remaining on your account, this is the date they will expire if they are not used or extended.

Current Use Year
This shows the amount of points you were allocated for this Use Year, based on your ownership(s). The number of points will be the same every Use Year for most RCI Points members.

This is your current points balance, including any remaining points which were saved or extended from previous Use Years.

Future Use Year
These are the number of points available in your next Use Year. You may borrow these Points into your current Use Year, or use them to travel in your next Use Year.

Your Online Account Explained