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Your holiday of a lifetime – time after time

RCI Holidays and Products

Holiday property ownership offers you so much more than a guaranteed holiday every year. The Exchange Holiday concept gives owners the chance to access properties belonging to fellow members for a nominal fee– anywhere in the world.


Plus, because all eligible properties are assigned a points or trading power value, you could find yourself able to enjoy multiple holidays from just one ownership.


With an unrivalled resort directory of 4,000+ affiliated properties in more than 100 countries, we can give you flexible holiday options to last a lifetime.


Plus, our members can also enjoy fantastic prices on Extra Holidays at the same great RCI resorts, saving your trading power and points. We run regular Extra Holiday discounts throughout the year and Late Deal discounts as well as our infamous ‘Buy one holiday, get one free’ flash sales so your holiday opportunities really are endless!


As an RCI Member, you will benefit from discounts with our parent company Wyndham Worldwide – one of the world’s largest hospitality companies. This gives you money-saving deals with leading accommodation brands including James Villas, Landal GreenParks and Wyndham Hotels worldwide.


And if you’re not able to use all of your Exchange Holiday options for any reason, our Guest Certificates allow you to transfer your Exchange Holiday to friends or family so they get to experience the great benefits of RCI too.


We offer two main membership options for an annual fee:


RCI Weeks

If you’re searching for a holiday experience which offers you the chance to holiday worldwide, staying in quality accommodation for a nominal fee, we offer you the opportunity to deposit your home ownership week(s) into our Exchange Holiday pool – and book another member’s home week in return.


When you deposit your ownership week, it will be assigned a trading power value. You can book as many Exchange Holidays as you like within a two year period from the start date of your ‘Home’ week or a 12 month period ahead of your ‘Ownership Week’ start date which add up to the value of your own trading power total.


Some of our members enjoy just one Exchange Holiday annually while others book multiple Exchanges – often taking advantage of our regular trading power discount promotions.


If you find yourself with trading power left over after you’ve booked your Exchange Holiday(s) but this doesn’t amount to enough to book another trip, you can combine your trading power left over from different bookings within a 12 month period to build up Deposit Credits to use for another holiday.


We even offer the chance to protect your trading power for future trips in case an unforeseen reason means you’re sadly not able to take your Exchange Holiday at the last minute.


RCI Points

Joining our RCI Points family offers a truly flexible way to exchange your holiday ownership for holidays at other RCI resorts around the world. Your holiday ownership is assigned a points value, depending on a range of factors:


• The supply and demand at your resort (how popular is your resort?);

• The location and quality of your resort;

• The type and size of the property you own;

• The time of year which you own;

• RCI Comment Card feedback from members who have stayed at your resort.


You can rent additional points, extend your points, borrow or save points to carry over to your next ‘Use Year’ and even borrow points from your next ‘Use Year’ to give yourself more points to enjoy more Exchange Holidays.


And if that doesn’t offer you enough flexibility to go on holiday how you like to, a big plus for RCI Points members is our Points Partner product: Exchange your points for European city breaks (including flights and hotel), car hire, hotel rooms (including airport hotels), attraction tickets and more.


Our Points members can also enjoy short breaks and nightly stays at our US resorts.


We even offer the chance to protect your points for future trips in case an unforeseen reason means you’re sadly not able to take your Exchange Holiday at the last minute.


RCI Platinum

Our two membership options also give you the opportunity to upgrade to RCI Platinum membership, gaining access to a range of RCI product privileges and lifestyle benefits for an annual fee that’s a fraction of this amount!


As an RCI Platinum member, you can take advantage of priority access availability in highly sought-after destinations, opportunities for free unit upgrades and so much more. You can earn Platinum Rewards when you make selected RCI transactions, including Extra Holidays and RCI Guest Certificates. RCI Platinum Rewards are credited back to your RCI account and can be used towards future transactions with us.