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RCI.com WEEKS HELP Explained

When you register for your online account at RCI.com, you’ll see plenty of features to enable you to manage your personal account, including searching for and booking your ideal holiday.

If you experience any issues using our website, please first read our comprehensive HELP section, located in the top right hand corner of our website:

To make it easier for you to find the topic you need, we have categorised HELP into four sections:

  1. Understanding Your RCI Weeks Membership
  2. Planning Your Holiday
  3. Membership Benefits
  4. Self Help

Examples of the content you will find in these sections are:

Understanding Your RCI Weeks Membership:

  • Weeks Explained – RCI Weeks product explained
  • Depositing Explained
  • Deposit Trading Power Explained
  • Exchange Trading Power Explained
  • Making the most of your Trading Power
  • Expiring Deposits
  • Understanding Your Weeks Account Statement
  • Renewing Your Account
  • Direct Debit
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Weeks Membership Fees
  • Your Online Account Explained
  • Get the Most from your Membership
  • Trading Power Adjustment Schedule Explained

Planning Your Holiday:

  • How to Exchange your Week
  • Depositing Your Week
  • Understanding Combined Deposits
  • Understanding Deposit Credits
  • Holiday Planning Tools - Deposit Calculator
  • Holiday Planning Tools - Exchange Planner
  • Holiday Planning Tools - Ongoing Search
  • How to Search for a Holiday
  • How to Book Your Holiday
  • Exchange Tips
  • Holiday Homes Explained
  • All Inclusive Holidays
  • Managing Your Bookings
  • How to Write a Review
  • Travel Explained
  • Cruise Exchange

Membership Benefits:

  • Extra Holidays
  • Late Deals
  • Travel
  • Trading Power Protection
  • Guest Certificates
  • About RCI Platinum Membership
  • RCI Platinum Lifestyle Benefits
  • Platinum Upgrades and Changes
  • How to Upgrade to Platinum
  • Wyndham Company Discounts
  • Resort Offers
  • RCI Visa Prepaid Currency Card
  • EV Magazine

Self Help:

  • Technical Difficulties (browser, cookies, updating your browser)
  • Legal Information – Weeks Policies and Terms and Conditions Downloads
  • Live Help
  • Your Feedback Counts

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