Travel/Cancellation Information - Updated 31.07.20

We have adapted our policies to help you book with confidence and we are committed to helping you make the right decision for your holiday circumstances, given these uncertain times.

If your reservation is within the next 30 days, please call us.

If you are considering cancelling your RCI holiday, please do not cancel your holiday online at Please call us to discuss your options.

For any bookings with a check in date from August 1 2020 to March 31 2021, we will support you to cancel or change your booking within 30 days of travelling if:

  • Our affiliated resort is closed;
  • There are travel restrictions preventing you getting to the resort, such as flight cancellations;
  • You, or a member of your travelling party, unfortunately have an underlying health condition which could increase the risk of COIVD-19 infection and therefore could prevent you, or they, from travelling; 
  • There are government or local authority restrictions in place which prevent you from enjoying your holiday, as planned.

In the above circumstances, if you wish to amend your booking to an alternative destination, please call us. Our Guides know which resorts are currently available where and when and will help you find an alternative destination to enjoy.

If you would prefer to cancel, for Exchange Holidays, we will credit your RCI membership account with the full amount of points or trading power used to make the booking, plus the full exchange fee and full Points Protection or Trading Power Protection fee (if applicable).

For Extra Holidays, we will credit your RCI membership account with the full amount paid to date.

You have six months from the date of cancellation to use this credit for an Exchange or Extra Holiday to a destination of your choice.

Your travel may occur after this time, but for Exchange Holidays, must be within the valid window of either your deposited week or points originally used. You must be an RCI member at the time of your rescheduled holiday.

For any booking you make, we advise you to check the resort website before travelling, or to contact them directly if you have any concerns^

If you have booked a hotel, car rental, cruise or activities through RCI Travel†, RCI Cruise° or one of our third party partners, you will need to contact the individual provider for their own cancellation policy.

We’re committed to supporting as many of our members as quickly as possible during this unprecedented time and are experiencing very high call volumes, and in this time of uncertainty, we encourage you to review all country-specific travel advisories and recommended guidelines before you travel.

If you need any more clarification, please call us on +2 0 224635500 (Arabic and English), 8000 444 2357 (Arabic - UAE residents), 8000 444 2354 (English - UAE residents)

Our guides are currently available from 09.00 - 17.30 Sunday - Thursday.

If you would like to add Trading Power Protection to your existing Exchange Holiday booking, you can add this up until one day before check-in. You can add this within your online account or by calling us.

Find out more about Weeks Trading Power Protection

^ Your resort is responsible for providing guests with the latest information on the facilities available for your reservation dates, and for providing health and safety measures on site. RCI cannot accept liability relating to information provided or omitted by a resort, or arising from health and safety measures which may, or may not, be in place at a resort.