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About Browser



Why am I being told to update my browser?


RCI.com uses a “browser sniffer” to let visitors know if an outdated browser has been detected.  If so, the prompt appears along with links to download the latest versions of the most common browsers.  By downloading a more current browser, you are less likely to experience any issues while on RCI.com or any other websites.


What browser should I be using to access and use RCI.com?


A variety of browsers are currently available due to different operating systems in use and individual preferences.  Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are widely used for Windows programs while Mozilla/Firefox and Safari are more common for Macintosh users.  If you’re unsure of what browser to use, you may wish to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for more information.


*Important Note about Internet Explorer version 7 or below

If you are running Internet Explorer version 6, please upgrade your browser to a more current and secure version. (To determine browser version, see Microsoft Online Support Browser Compatibility.)


RCI.com is best viewed with the following web browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 8 and 9)
  • Firefox (version 20 or higher)
  • Google Chrome


Other Requirements & Recommendations


To experience all of the features of RCI.com, the Adobe Flash Player plug-in should be installed and cookies should be enabled in your browser.


A high-speed Internet connection (DSL, ISDN, Cable) is strongly recommended. Members with low bandwidth or dial-up connections may experience site slowness or other technical problems.


Will I be able to logon if I don’t upgrade my browser?


When using an outdated browser, the issues one may experience are uncertain.  However, the most common issues are related to problems while transacting within RCI.com versus logging on.


Will I be able to search and do transactions if I don’t upgrade?


When using an outdated browser, the issues one may experience are uncertain.  If you go through the process of searching for or confirming a vacation and encounter any problems, we encourage you to consider using a more current version of your preferred browser type.