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Suggested Itinerary : Crete, Greece


DAY 1:

visit the Lychnostatis open-air folk museum..it will surely be one of the highlights of your trip.

Tucked away besides bars, waterparks and a go-cart track, it is a peaceful and interesting place to spend a couple of hours, with relocated buildings showing traditional Crete life and a small but lovely garden with lots of interesting sculptures made from beachcombed wood. The shepherds stone shelter, as well as being a fascinating structure - a sort of dry-stone wall spiral - is filled with poetry written on the walls by the shepherd.


DAY 2:

Gouverneto Monastery resembles a castle, with towers which served to defend it from raiders. The outside of the monastery in particular reveals strong Venetian influences: it looks like a Venetian fortress, measuring 40 m x 50 m, with 50 monks’ cells on two floors, a tower in each of the four corners, and special embrasures or loopholes in the walls. Only two of the towers are preserved today, but you can see the remains of the other two from the courtyard.

The monastery church is dedicated to the Virgin, which is why Gouverneto Monastery is also known as Our Lady of the Angels. Inside the monastery is a tiny museum of ecclesiastical works and other precious relics.


DAY 3:

Kournas is a pretty traditional village 8 km from Georgioupoli and about 4 km from Lake Kournas.

If you are visiting Lake Kournas it is worth driving 15 minutes further along the narrow uphill road to Kournas.

While the lake is 'touristy', Kournas village is completely unaffected by tourism and takes visitors on a journey back in time, as do many villages in the interior of Crete. The old houses, the village square, the pottery workshop opposite the large kafeneio and Agapinakis's taverna "Kali Kardia", with its wonderful salads and delicious meat, are the first things you will notice in the village of Kournas.


DAY 4:

Diving on Crete ’s south coast is diving in crystal clear waters, with a visibility up to 40m! Diving along steep walls and magnificent rock formations covered with plants and soft corals in the most beautiful colours! The holes and caverns offer shelter to octopuses, moray eels, cuttlefish, lobsters, langoustes, triton snails, groupers and many other wonderful aquatic live.

The dive sites are for all level of training. With no current and tidal movement beginning divers enjoy shallow and slow dives. For the more experienced divers there are exiting cave dives and deeper dives along steep walls starting at 15m going straight down to 38m.


DAY 5:

In a country where olive oil is sacred, a visit to an Olive Oil Farm is a must. Discover and explore the unknown side of Crete and its products.You will experience the ancient ways of producing traditional Cretan products such as olive oil, wine, raki, pottery and traditional textiles in a unique environment. See, taste, smell, and touch-it’s truly a journey of the senses.


DAY 6:

Knossosalso known as Labyrinth, or Knossos Palace, is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete and probably the ceremonial and political centre of the Minoan civilization and culture. The palace is a maze of workrooms, living spaces, and store rooms close to a central square. Detailed images of Cretan life in the late Bronze Age are provided by images on the walls of this palace. The city of Knossos remained important through the Classical and Roman periods, but its population shifted to the new town of Heraklion during the 9th century AD. By the 13th century, it was called Makryteikhos 'Long Wall'; the bishops of Gortyn continued to call themselves Bishops of Knossos until the 19th century.[1] Today, the name is used only for the archaeological site situated in the suburbs of Heraklion.


DAY 7:

Visit Hania, a lovely port city, and experience the amazing Saturday morning market, spend an evening at a traditional ouzeria, visit several monasteries, and spend a leisurely afternoon by the sea, swimming and feasting on seafood. You'll also enjoy free time for browsing the unique shops for hand-woven linens, traditional Cretan knives, artisan jewelry, one-of-a-kind clothes and much more.