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Suggested Itinerary : Korea


DAY 1:

Welcome to Kensington Resort Seorak! Once you have checked in, take a 10-minute stroll to Donghae Beach to unwind in the deep blue sea.


DAY 2:

Hop on to the cable car from Gwongeum Fortress that will take you to the peak of the mountain in just 10 minutes! Capture pictures of beautiful views as you scale up the mountain.


DAY 3:

Spend the lovely afternoon by visiting the Injae Naerincheon Ginseng Fields and then, soothe your senses at Cheoksan Hot Springs.


DAY 4:

Rise early to catch the breathtaking sunrise from Mount Seorak National Park, and check out natural wonders like Ulsanbawi Peak, Biryong Waterfall and Geuganggul Cave.


DAY 5:

Take a trip to Yeongnang Lake and enjoy the tranquil scenery. For dinner, try Sokcho’s signature dishes like Hwaleo hoe (raw fish dish) and Sundubu (soft tofu).


DAY 6:

Spend the afternoon by visiting historic temple Singheusa Temple, a majestic architecture standing since AD 652.


DAY 7:

Spend your last moments in Korea by chilling at Sokcho Beach. Go swimming or simply sunbathe on soft velvety sands.