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> How do I own a timeshare?
> How do I join RCI?
> How does your RCI membership compliment your timeshare ownership?
> What is RCI?

How do I own a timeshare?

Although RCI is affiliated with over 4,000 resorts worldwide, our role in the timeshare industry is to provide exchange services to vacation owners at affiliated properties. RCI does not buy or sell timeshare weeks.

For details about purchasing a timeshare, you may wish to contact the resort directly. For more information about RCI affiliated resorts, please visit RCI’s online resort directory.Just click the Resort Directory tab located at the top of this page. The online directory provides resorts’ phone numbers and addresses, as well as a link to their website if they offer one.

Alternatively once you decide, click on the link below and we could assist you.

Own a Timeshare

You may also wish to review the AIRDA (All India Resort Development Association) website for more details on resorts.

How do I join RCI?

RCI Membership is available to members who own a timeshare with a resort that is affiliated with RCI. If you wish to become a RCI member, click on the link below for more details. Please note that the membership will depend on the timeshare product you own/resort affiliation parameters.

How does your RCI membership compliment your timeshare ownership ?

If you are a timeshare owner and if your resort is affiliated with RCI, you are entitled to get a complimentary membership of RCI for two years, after which you need to renew your membership, in order to continue holidaying with RCI.

Why Join RCI?

What is RCI?

Founded in 1974 as an exchange service for condominium owners called Resort Condominiums International, RCI quickly became a driving force for growth within timeshare, and has been at the forefront of the vacation ownership industry ever since.

Today, the company has over 4,000 affiliated resorts located in 100 countries, with over three million subscribing members living in more than 200 countries. RCI's exchange systems offer consumers the ultimate flexibility in vacations with more quality resort destinations and leisure product choices in more countries than any other service. Since its inception, RCI has arranged exchange vacations for more than 54 million people worldwide.

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