Industry Partners

Industry Partners


About AIRDA (All India Resort Development Association)


AIRDA is an independent, non-profit advisory dedicated to the timeshare and vacation ownership industry. It is our industry partner, conscience keeper and business catalyst and provides an array of support services:


- By functioning as a neutral body AIRDA assumes an unbiased role facilitating the smooth functioning of the vacation ownership industry in India.
- By ensuring fair-practice compliance, it makes competition within the industry fair and open - thereby safeguarding the interests of serious players.
- By helping uphold ethical standards it provides developers who deviate from the norm an opportunity to measure up and fall in line. The emphasis here goes beyond the need to police activities, to setting an example that developers can follow.
- By networking at government and influencer circles, it gives members an industry vantage point and a common voice that carries weight.
- By building strong alliances with national and international trade associations and bodies, it widens the map on timeshare to give it a global dimension.
- By setting up a channel for communication with the outside world – like this website - it enables community building and opportunities to further growth prospects.
- By helping resolve conflicts through mutual assent, it helps members benefit from a mutual sharing of problems and solutions – backed by a database of prior resolutions.
- By encouraging continuous improvement on deliverables, it helps underline the quality focus on products and services.
- By helping adopt industry best-practices, it encourages self-regulation and benchmarking, in the interest of the end-consumer.

Please refer to AIRDA’s official website for more details.

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