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Bahamas !


Once in a timeless while, the mind is at rest and a moment comes when we wonder if heaven is here. Find that moment 700 times over, in this beautiful archipelago of as many islands, with limitless sunshine, blue skies, white sands and a mesmerizing marine world tucked in its warm and welcoming waters. In these scallops of creation, nature’s colours explode in a resplendence that words cannot describe.



As warm and cheerful as the seas that keep them, the islanders will charm you with their genuineness. So, enjoy their hospitality and leave a million cares behind. Waltz in the deep-sea with the sharks and relish the thrills of seeing the world from underwater. Snorkel amidst the fish, teasing their paths around you… touch one! Or go horse-riding along the turquoise sea with the wind in your hair. Surf on its waves, dive from the sky above or simply sail away into alluring Cays all around. On your way back, pick up a souvenir at the Straw Market.


Of course, tasting local flavours from the sea and washing it down with native brew is a must-do too, so take your time and savour it all.



Indulge in the aphrodisiacal conch salad or delicious lobsters, downed with local kalik.


It may seem like a lot to take in, but in this blissful languor of blue, white and all else, you may just as well bask and do no more … it’s, after all, vacation time and the sea shells won’t mind.


When to go?

There is little variation in the climate through the year. However, it does get hot and humid during summer. June to November are the official hurricane months. December to May is the tourist season, and the best time to visit.



New providence was a stronghold of pirates and privateers in the 17th and 18th centuries when spanish galleons were looted for their gold. Bahamian sea-beds hold many of these shipwrecks even today, in case you want to dig for buried treasures. Take a dive!



Immersed in culture and streaked with a history of pirates and colonizers, the Bahamian experience is captivating and enriching. Picturesque views and temperate climes of the New Providence Islands are perfect for tourists, but with more than 400 banks on its shores, you’ll find that investing in real estate can be as lucrative as its sights.

Get the old world and the new at Nassau, the largest island and capital city. Off the modern waterfronts, narrow streets are lined with British forts and villages replete with stories from the past. For a regal high, ascend the 66 steps of the Queen’s Staircase and descend into the humility of shallow waters coloured with coral gardens humming sweet melodies of the sea. Up west, Cable Beach will cajole you into its powdery white sands sprinkled with restaurants, resorts, casinos and a golf course. Keep the busy bodies smitten with water-skiing, scuba diving, parasailing and banana boat riding, while the fashionista stocks up on shell jewellery.



Reggae and calypso aside, come christmas time, prepare for the junkanoo beats! Part of the 18th century bahamian heritage, this popular slow march to the junkanoo rhythm of percussion instruments, takes over the islands. Don’t miss the ‘rush.’



Wander some more and soak in the natural splendour of the Bahamas all over again, on a cruise of the Abaco Islands. A haven for sailors, the Sea of Abaco shelters the islands from the Atlantic Ocean and keeps them calm and warm. Sun bathe on the softest beaches you’ve known and angle in heavy-duty fish for the albums!



Enjoy your labours of leisure on this paradise on Earth, because these memories will last forever. And so that these exquisite ecosystems also sustain themselves through time, The Grand Bahamas are home to the region’s conservation centres. During the day, see what they do at the Rand Memorial Nature Center and the Lucayan National Park. At sun down, devour a slice of exciting night-life in the city of Freeport, boasting long stretches of deserted coastline and picture-perfect sunsets.


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