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Gorgeous Goa


For a truly peaceful and luxurious Goa vacation, you couldn’t do better than the Club Mahindra resort at Varca beach. My family and I had a memorable week here and we will remember it fondly. We were greeted with a glass of refreshing Kokum juice
and with a buggy ride. The lush and welcoming surroundings were enough for us to plan our entire week of leisure right there at the resort!


The resort and surrounding beach were perfect for some family time. My 6-year old kid who was scared of deep water lost all fear with multiple pools to experiment in everyday. He built a sand castle on the clean and almost white sandy beach at Varca with the miniature shells collected on the shoreline during morning and evening walks with
his Mom. He also made a pot at the artisan's wheel!


The rooms were unique and romantic, with a stunning peacock creation on the master bed that made the room special and brought a smile to my wife’s face. She had all she wanted – a mini kitchen to toss-up a quick breakfast, a health club to relax and a clean room to return to every time we stepped out.


The managing staff arranged games, songs and folk dances in the evenings as well as a cocktail party. We were kept well-entertained and the staff was very sweet and friendly, so much so that we were made to feel like part of a big, happy family! The activities room, decked with a magazine section, arts, crafts and games was a great way to lull away the hot afternoon hours.


My elder son freaked out on the video games and the Playstation. The homely atmosphere spread throughout the resort was enhanced by a number of cheerful kids with families vacationing there.


Our kids made new friends and I spotted them playing table tennis and pool with other kids of all ages.


Vibrant Goa couldn’t be explored simply by sitting around at the resort, so we consulted the travel desk at the resort for some ideas. We toured the lively and colourful Panjim market, Dona Paula, Vasco Harbour and the North beaches.


It was sheer joy to view Goa from up in the air while paragliding and the water in our faces thrilled us while water scootering on Colva beach.


A very tasty Red Snapper served at a beach shack followed by a beer soaked Mandovi river cruise in the evening and authentic Goan cuisine at various restaurants we visited gave us the satisfaction of having experienced Goa in full.


We've placed a baby coconut souvenir and our kid's pottery in our curio shelf to remind us of our amazing vacation. We can’t wait to go back and be beach bums again!