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Himalayan Holidays

Serene green forests, clusters of pine trees, misty skies: after a 700 km drive from Delhi, Manali greeted us with this breathtaking view. We eagerly looked forward to reaching our destination – Club Mahindra Snowpeaks. It was a well-laid-out establishment in the valley amidst majestic mountains, and the view from the resort room was awesome. The dim lighting at night added to its aura and made our experience that much more magical. Our room had wooden floors, glass walls and beautiful drapes. The staff was warm and friendly, and the interiors were cosy and comfortable. Apart from organising our sightseeing trips, the resort also organised discos, lunches, buffets, parties and housie… something new and fun everyday!

Our trip involved visits to Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley, where we had unforgettable experiences. The Rohtang Pass connects Kulu Valley with the Lahaul and Spiti Valleys of Himachal Pradesh. Here we hired horses, which took us up into the cold mountains, and on the way back, we were fortunate enough to witness the first snowfall of the season. Though it was extremely cold, it was a memory we will never be able to erase from our minds.

named after the hindu lawmaker Manu, Manali certainly lays down the law on what untouched beauty should be like. RCi member Shilpi Mathur steps inside the painting that is Manali and shares her experiences.


Solang Valley is 14 kms northwest of Manali, and is known for its summer and winter sports. In Solang Valley, we had the opportunity to do some paragliding, which was a thrilling experience. One of the employees of the resort managed to fix us up with a paragliding guide for a reasonable price. Once we were up in the sky, it was unbelievable! Literally like being in heaven and watching the world below. We saw the entire Himalayan range of untouched mountains and valleys. We had our fill and came back down to hot tea and aloo paranthas: the perfect finish to our day!

Once we were up in the sky, it was unbelievable! Literally like being in heaven and watching the world below.


The food in Manali deserves a mention here. We had the most succulent trout fish, in a variety of delicious preparations. We also visited a trout farm, which introduced us to a totally different form of fish breeding. Because of the extreme cold, few other fish species can survive here. However, the climate is ideal for breeding trout, and there are 81 trout farms in Himachal Pradesh, including six that are run by the government. Trout farming in these parts helps the locals raise their standard of living.

Manali was one of our most memorable holidays largely due to the beautiful scenery, delicious food and warm staff at the Club Mahindra Snowpeaks. We are grateful to RCI for making our Himalayan holiday such a memorable one.