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For the ultimate African adventure begin where it all began.


Of desert sands and green savannah, ancient tribes and modern adventure, wild beasts and calm ocean waters, discover a new world every day with seven resorts by the sea.


It might have taken scientific intellect 150 years after Darwin to finally prove him right on the human evolution theory, but for you to explore the land of the Rift Valley, a veritable medley of nature, where Man first walked more than two million years ago, all you need is sun cream and a few undisturbed days.



Route of the Arabian Spice Trade and a melting pot of many cultures, the Kenyan coastline, forested and cragged, buffers the great grasslands within. Dotted with Arabic and Portuguese forts and ruins of Swahili outposts, it tells many a fascinating tale of smooth-talking merchants, vicious wars and countless settlers.


Like a wise old man, furrowed with alluring creeks reminiscing times long gone by, glistening white and soft beaches lie stretched out for miles, as warm blue waters festooned with coral reefs, lap up gently and escort languid rivers into its depths.



Just offshore, this tranquil scene bursts into the bustle of the cosmopolitan and thriving port town of Mombasa, where a history of traditional sailing dhows lives on with the modern buzz of commercial liners.


Anchored in an exotic past and unhurried through centuries of toil, narrow streets wind their way through the aromas of myriad spices and Arab architecture in close proximity to Hindu temples and Christian churches. All around, colours fill your days with bright kanga and kikoy wraps on equally exuberant people.



Rooted in the essence of 42 ethnic communities and other cultures, kenya is an amalgam of many influences, cosmological beliefs, fables and legends. All of these find grand expression in handicrafts like cloth and sisal basket weaves, brass artefacts, sambaru beadwork and leather footwear. Take a peek.


But, if you fancy an uninterrupted quiet with nothing between you and the elements, the sandy stretches of pretty Kilifi, will provide that postcard moment with more yachts moored here than in any other coastal town. An equally quiet detour further South will take you to the Mnarani Ruins, magnificent for their 14th century pillar tombs.


Along the length of these sublime and deserted shores and tropical forests, you’ll find two little hideaways – Malindi and Watamu. The original Hells’ Kitchen, just a little away in the Marafa depression, has cooked up many folklores off its sandstone gorges and gullies of stunning Nyari. Equally intriguing are the ruins of the 12th century

Town of mystic Gede. Keep your walking shoes on the ready.



A lot may have has been lost to the ravages of time but nature has her way of remaining indispensable. Straddling the equator on Africa’s Eastern coast, this little country is a topographical phenomenon.


While relaxing environs of the highly protected Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve will have you humming tunes you never knew, the indigenous coastal haven of Arabuko Sokoke forest, with its 230 varieties of birds and dense mangroves of Mida Creek, will leave you in awe!


Snorkel in the delightful warmth of the Indian Ocean and jive with sea urchins, jelly fish, starfish and sea cucumbers. And without a care, do what beach lovers do best – lie back and reclaim your right on the sun and sands or test your action quotient diving into fish schools, wind surfing and water skiing.


But after that, embark on the original jungle safari, on the boundless savannah of Tsavo. Teeming with exotic game, these massive grasslands are peppered with rocky scarps and granitic ridges.



Against a backdrop of imposing snow-capped mountains, july-october, every year, marks the great annual migration on. A vision to behold, millions of wildebeest with hundreds of thousands of zebras and gazelles, come to these plains in search of grass and water. Miss it at your own peril.


A visual treat in itself, you’ll also find the nation’s largest elephant herds roaming these parts.


When to go?

Kenya is a year round destination:

January and February are hot and dry, and the animals gather round the water sources. March to May is the green season with short showers and bursts of sunshine. July to September are the country’s coolest months. October to January is also a delightful time to visit Kenya and compares to springtime - the days are warm and the evenings cool. Short, scattered rains fall in November. This is also a good time for snorkeling and diving off the coast.


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