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Enjoy an additional 10% off all your Extra Vacation Getaways - even those already on sale. (Most importantly, this kind of discount can more than pay for your Platinum membership.)

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Complimentary Unit Upgrades & Changes

When you book your trip, just let us know you're interested in a unit upgrade or resort change and, for a resort change, specify up to five resorts where you would prefer to stay in your destination city. Within 2 weeks of check-in, if one of the resorts you've specified, or a bigger unit at your confirmed resort becomes available, we'll change your reservation for you and provide you with all the details.

Member Rewards

Receive Member Reward Dollars on RCI transactions and put straight into your RCI account for future RCI transactions. Earn Member Rewards valued at SG$25 when you purchase an RCI Guest Certificate, or SG$30 when you Combine Deposits or Deposit Credits.

Priority Access

Get exclusive access to exchange vacations at selected hotels and resorts even before they are made available to standard members for exchange.

Priority Answer

Get faster answers with a priority line to our knowledgeable Reservation Consultants! Simply call your country's hotline.

Platinum Previews

Receive access to Extra Vacation sales one day earlier than standard members!

RCI® Deposit Restore SM

We want you to have more time to deposit! Ordinarily, Weeks deposits keep their full Deposit Trading Power when made at least nine months ahead of time. RCI Platinum® members can deposit as close as six months prior to the start date of their Week and automatically receive full Deposit Trading Power.

10% Discount on Extra Vacations and Bonus Week Getaways offers

Enjoy an additional 10% off all non-RCI Platinum member exclusive Extra Vacations and Bonus Week Getaways — even those already on sale. You also get to receive one-day priority access to all Extra Vacations sales.

Platinum Cruise Discounts

Set sail on the open sea and enjoy spectacular savings on cruise vacations with RCI Platinum® membership. It gives you the exclusive ability to exchange with a Deposit Trading Power of just 7 (compared with a Deposit Trading Power of 14 with standard RCI® membership).