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RCI Weeks

You have the freedom to explore over 4,300 affiliated resorts in nearly 110 countries* with RCI Weeks Membership


You can book in confidence knowing that RCI has been organising timeshare Exchanges since 1974. That’s why our 3.8 million member families trust us with their holiday plans year after year. Whether it’s the holiday of your dreams, an all-inclusive break, some well earned winter sun or a last minute getaway, your RCI Membership can take you there.


The exchange process is simple when you know how. Deposit your week(s) as earliest as possible with RCI and choose from the available weeks that other members have deposited to make your exchange.


Exchanging is easy!


  • Deposit - Depositing unlocks all of your exchange opportunities and the best part is depositing is completely free! You do not need to know where or when you want to travel when you Deposit. You can plan your Exchange Holiday at a later date. You can deposit your week on RCI.com or by calling us.

  • Exchange Search - Simply go online to request your Exchange. If the holiday you want is not there, simply add an on-going search and we will continue to search for you 24/7. Alternatively call us and we’ll discuss the options with you. Alternatively, call us and we'll discuss options with you which includes RCI Splitweek Exchange.

It’s important to deposit your week(s) as early as possible, up to 2 years in advance of the start date, to maximise your Trading Power – ‘Deposit Trading Power’ is the value given to your depositand what you need to make your exchange. The more trading power you have the more holidays you can access.


Exchange Confirmation - When you have completed your holiday request you will receive your confirmation by email or post. Please take this along with you on your exchange holiday.



A word about Trading Power...


You know exactly where you are with RCI, with most other exchange companies, you won’t actually know the exchange value of your week, but with RCI, you can now take advantage of the following benefits:


Trading Power Transparency - your Trading Power is the value assigned by RCI to your week at the time of Deposit, which determines what Exchange availability you see when you search for an Exchange Holiday. To understand more about Deposit and Exchange Trading Power Click here.


Deposit Credits - If you book an Exchange Holiday with a lower Trading Power than that of your deposited week, you will receive a Deposit Credit for you to use against a future Exchange Holiday.


Combine Deposits - If you want an Exchange Holiday with a Trading Power higher than that of any of your deposits, you can pay a fee to combine two or more of your Deposits or Deposit Credits, giving you access to even more holiday options.