There is just something surreal about historic places. Aside from indulging yourself in majestic views of century-old architecture that range from Baroque old churches to Renaissance towns and archaeological ruins, visiting heritage destinations allow us to relive the glory of the past and connect with other cultures more. It is an enriching holiday experience that provides nostalgia and helps us get more informed at the same time.  

In this article, we’ll help you travel back in time and immerse yourself in these iconic destinations that exude a classic, old-world charm.  

Turn your dreams into reality and unlock a world of possibilities with these top attractions in Europe and USA for your next evocative holiday. 


1. Have a historical excursion in Málaga, Spain


Beyond its breathtaking beaches, the Andalusian city of Málaga, Spain is replete with a fascinating history and culture. It’s the birthplace of famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Here is where Picasso spent most of his childhood, and it’s said that his daily life here inspired his artworks, where recurring themes of common Malaga elements like doves, flamencos, and bulls can be seen. 

Experience the best of Málaga by visiting Alcazaba, a palace-fortress built during Spain’s Moorish period. Situated against the hillside of Gilbarfaro, Alcazaba is one of Spain’s most preserved Moorish fortresses and is a testament to the governing Muslims that once ruled the city. 

After your historical excursion, we recommend you go explore the Atarazanas Food Market with your whole family (we believe a trip to Spain would be complete without exploring at least one of the country’s famous mercados). Initially built as an Arabian shipyard, Atarazanas went through several transformations before becoming the central market that Málaga knows as of today. 

Have a feast of flavours at this food market and don’t skimp on trying out mouth-watering local and seasonal treasures. From the nispero (an orange or loquat fruit in Spain) to the cherimoyas or custard apples, to the purple carrots — there is a wide variety of unique and exotic fruits and vegetables for you to try and grab a bite from!  

2. Have a stroll in the Baroque town of St. Johann, Austria


Located amidst the beautiful backdrop of Central Eastern Alps, St. Johann in Tyrol is an idyllic town that must be included in your itinerary if you’re craving a tranquil yet nostalgic getaway. With its plentiful collection of Baroque churches, cosy restaurants & inns, and busy market squares, you’ll never run out of fun activities to do in this delightful destination! 

Enjoy the sunny outdoors in Freizeitanlage Brixen im Thale. This beautiful natural swimming lake is ideal for a day of soaking up the sun with its wooden jetties while you’re surrounded by a majestic Alpine Landscape. Next to the lake is a heated outdoor heated swimming pool with a giant slide, which children of all ages can enjoy.  

If the family is looking for something that would get the adrenaline pumping, go mountain biking in the Kaiser Loop. A short cruise will treat your eyes to the jaw-dropping views of the Wilder, Zahmer, and Nieder Kaiser Mountains. In this route are plenty of inns, alpine huts, and swimming lakes so you need not worry about getting hungry or bored along the way.  

3. Get tan on the golden sand beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Longing for a classic beach holiday on the East Coast? Fort Lauderdale should be your next destination! 

Fort Lauderdale boasts of a 24-mile mile span of golden beaches and turquoise waters. Before this sunny city came to be what it is today, it was previously inhabited by Tequesta Indians, then it got transformed into a stockade which gave way to its present name.  

One doesn’t simply leave this city without getting some sun. When in Lauderdale, indulge yourself in the ultimate Florida experience and get a tan on a catamaran. Glide silently across the tropical seas on a full sailing trip while enjoying sumptuous buffet lunches together with your family. 

For an enriching experience with the family, go on an airboat ride in Everglades Holiday Park. This educational airboat tour is a great opportunity for your family to connect with wildlife as it takes you to viewing spots of alligators, turtles, and birds that can only be found in this part of the world. 

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