Travel has long been linked with stress reduction. With a lot of things going around the world, travel offers an opportunity for us to disconnect with our online devices and step out of our daily routine for a little while. That is why in the month of May, we’re encouraging you to soak up some sun, turn your dreams into reality, and unlock a world of possibilities with these top wellness destinations in Europe and Australia.

1. Get to learn more about the Eternal City of Rome

Refresh your mind and body by starting your holiday with the Eternal City of Rome. The capital city earned its nickname thanks to almost three millenia of history, culture, and architecture. It’s also because ancient Romans have always believed that no matter how many empires fall, Rome would go on forever.  

Experience life at the centre of world culture and do as Romans do by visiting the city’s most iconic attractions — soak up the rich history of the ancient Roman empire when you tour the enormous Colosseum, walk among the steps of the Roman Forum, and learn more about Roman Gods by visiting the Pantheon.  

While in Rome, don’t forget to toss a coin at the iconic Trevi Fountain with the kids.The legend says you must stand with your back at the fountain before you toss a coin over your left shoulder to the water. This tradition is believed to guarantee a return trip to the beautiful city. 

2. Find your people in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a perfect city in Australia where you can unwind with the whole family, Melbourne is the place for you. 

Characterized by its vibrant art scene and laid-back atmosphere, Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia. In this metropolis, you’ll see a celebration and expression of art through its numerous museums, colorful alleyways, and music festivals. 

While Melbourne is not your typical beach town, it’s still home to a collection of breathtaking golden beaches you’ll surely enjoy. Relax and enjoy the waves at some of its hotspots like the Brighton Beach, where 82 bright-colored bathing boxes line its foreshore. If you want something more quiet, we recommend Half Moon Bay — a secluded postcard-perfect beach that’s ideal for swimming in calm waters. 

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with this city right away. The coffee culture in Melbourne is remarkable; in every turn of the corner, there’s a trendy café waiting for you. In fact, Melbourne is ranked as one of the top cities for you to get a cup of java from.  

3. Feel heavenly in Greece

With its idyllic islands, divine architecture, and azure seas — it’s easy to feel heavenly when you choose to spend your next family getaway in Greece. 

For starters, we recommend taking a dip in Crete’s turquoise Mediterranean waters. Crete is home to a combination of soft, golden sand and pebble beaches so it’s important to know where you and the kids would like to go before you embark on your journey. Visit Elafonissi, a breathtaking pink sand beach just a couple of hours away from the city of Chania. The crushed pink seashells line its beachfront, giving it a rosey tinge that contrasts well with the azure waters of the sea.  

After a sunny day out, experience the nightlife in Skiathos. Greece may be known for its idyllic landscapes but Greeks know how to party too! If you’re up for a more laid-back night, there are also seaside clubs that offer cocktails and soft music and outdoor cinemas that let you enjoy a good film under the Greek sky.  

4. Embrace nature in Switzerland

When it comes to having a family getaway dedicated solely for destressing, Switzerland must always be included in your travel list.  

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is the cradle of alpine landscapes, shimmering lakes, and fairytale-like towns. For the epitome of Alpine fun, ski your way down in the most visited slopes of Haute-Nendaz. Haute-Nendaz is located in the heart of the massive 4 Vallées ski area and offers perfectly-pitched beginner slopes that’s good for skiing with the kids. 

Enjoy the best of Swiss landscapes in Champoussin, a village in the Swiss alps. In winter, this area is also a heaven for skiers but in summer, you can enjoy a multitude of activities here too. Champoussin offers mountain bike trails and e-bike routes, and also has animal parks and farms you can visit with the whole family. 

And while you’re in the area, don’t forget to visit the hidden village of Torgon too. This peaceful village overlooks the Rhone Valley and Lake Geneva and offers a splendid panoramic view of the Swiss Alps. 

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