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RCI Points® Affiliated Resorts

Owners at RCI Points affiliated resorts have the opportunity to become RCI® subscribing members. RCI, the global leader in vacation exchange, was founded 40 years ago as Resort Condominiums International to help facilitate exchanges among timeshare owners. RCI quickly became a driving force for growth within the timeshare exchange industry and has been at the forefront ever since.


RCI's core business is exchange vacations, providing its 3.7 million subscribing members access to more than 4,000 resorts in approximately 100 countries through week-for-week and points-based timeshare exchange programs*.


RCI subscribing members are passionate about how they spend their hard-earned leisure time, demanding flexibility, quality, and variety. Our members choose RCI to get more benefits relating to their vacation ownership.


To confirm you are an owner at an RCI affiliated resort and to enroll as an RCI Points member, please call your home resort today!