I’m an RCI subscribing member, but belong to a Club. How do I get the Endless Vacation magazine digital edition?

Follow the steps below.

  1. To view the latest issue of Endless Vacation magazine on your desktop or laptop, you must visit RCI through your Club’s website: Select your Club below:



    InnSeason Vacation Club®

    Vacation Internationale

    Worldmark® by WYNDHAM

  2. Then click “Endless Vacation magazine” under the “Vacation Ideas” tab.
  3. A username and password is listed on the page to access RCI® subscribing member only content. Choose the issue you would like to view and click on “View”. A new window will open up the issue you selected.
  4. For articles that say Login required, enter the username and password that was listed on the previous page.
  5. To access member only content in the app, enter the username and password that is listed on your Club’s page in step 3.