1. How long will it take to for my Points to be deducted?

Points will be deducted from your account 24-72 hours after the form is submitted.

2. When will the coupon be available?

Coupon will be available for use on your account 24-72 hours after the form is submitted.

3. How do I know that the process is complete?

Once the Points are deducted and the coupon is posted, you will receive an email with the transaction details.

4. Why don’t I see the coupon on my account?

The coupon will only appear on your account during the checkout process. If you are about to checkout and do not see the coupon, please contact your RCI Vacation Guide at 1-800-572-0931.

5. What can the coupon be used for?

RCI Weeks® Exchange Fee, RCI Guest Certificates, Extra VacationsSM getaways and Last CallSM vacations only. The coupon cannot be exchanged for cash.

6. How long is the coupon available for use?

Your coupon will be available for 6 months from the date of issue.

7. What if my coupon expires?

Once the coupon is posted, a vacation must be booked within 6 months of the issue date. The vacation start date can be 2 days-24 months in advance. Coupons cannot be extended.

8. Can I get my Points back?

Points cannot be returned to your account. Converting your Points into a coupon is a final transaction.

9. What happens to the coupon if I have to cancel my vacation?

If the original vacation is cancelled, the coupon can be refunded and will be valid for 6 months from the original date of issue. If the cancellation takes place after the expiration of the coupon, the coupon will not be reissued.

*This offer is only available to Wyndham Vacation Club owners on their RCI account. Offer must be requested via form through the RCI contact center or at RCI.com by 12/31/21 at 11:59 PM ET. Coupon will expire 6 months after the date of issue. 50,000 Points can be converted into a $100USD/$133CAD coupon or 125,000 Points into a $259USD/$345CAD coupon one time within the offer dates. Points will be deducted and the coupon posted to your account 24-72 hours after the form is submitted. You will receive an email with the details of the transaction when the conversion is completed. The coupon can be used towards Exchange Fees for vacations booked in the RCI Weeks® reservation system, RCI Guest Certificates, Extra VacationsSM getaways, and Last Call VacationsSM vacations. Coupon will be applied to eligible fees during the booking process. The oldest Points from your RCI account will be used for the coupon conversion. Once the Points are converted into a coupon it is considered a final transaction and the Points cannot be returned to the account. In the event of reservation cancellation, the coupon will be returned to the account and can still be used within the original 6 month timeframe; if the cancellation occurs after the coupon expiration, the coupon will no longer apply. Coupons cannot be extended or exchanged for cash. Other restrictions may apply. Offer void where prohibited by law.