6 Benefits Of Vacationing At All-Inclusive Resorts

By Rona Gindin

You dream of stepping away from stress during resort vacations, yet … Dinner? Pay. Snorkel? Pay. Fruity cocktail? Pay. Ouch. Choose an all-inclusive vacation option instead and you’ll be free to dine, stay, and play without making your wallet wince. All the makings of a rejuvenating getaway will be available, unlimited, at one set upfront price. Arrive at an RCI all-inclusive resort, lock your wallet in the safe, and simply enjoy yourselves. No cash, no credit, no anxiety. Just good times. Not convinced? Here are all six benefits of taking an all-inclusive vacation.


1. Save Money

All-inclusive resorts cost more up front than others since meals, snacks, beverages, entertainment, and activities are covered. However, it’s worth the budget bump because you’ll get to participate all you want without a worry. Put the kids in a supervised day camp. Try paddleboarding. Sway to the live band. Binge at the breakfast buffet. Catch up over a romantic dinner. Lounge under a beach umbrella. If your resort has it, it is yours to enjoy — for not a penny more. Even tips are generally covered.

2. Trim Planning Time

Are you the one who plans every travel detail? If so, you spend hours per getaway seeking out just the right restaurant, the one activity worth splurging on, and the best wine tasting or cooking class or sunrise yoga session. Book a stay an RCI all-inclusive resort and set aside cyberspace surfing. Your resort will provide every bit of fun so you don’t need to look elsewhere. That might mean family table-tennis tournaments, beginning scuba lessons for wannabe divers, or a sweet evening for two of putt-putt under the stars. There is no need to figure out which kayak kiosk along the beach has the best price. If your resort stocks kayaks, you can use them — complimentary. These amenity-rich lodging facilities offer so much to do that you’ll likely never leave the premises.

3. Get Bold

You’d love to attempt windsurfing. You always yearned to try your hand at tennis without compounding court fees. And the karaoke stage? Perhaps you need to kick back a few rum-and-Cokes before daring to croon “Livin’ on a Prayer” into a microphone. Do it. No charge. When your all-inclusive resort has these options, you can finally lean into a new experience, guilt-free.

4. Be Together, And Apart

On an all-inclusive vacation, you’ll all have fun the way you want to — whether you’re a couple in love, three generations of a family seeking bonding time, or a group of friends determined to chillax. You’ll stay under a single roof yet can easily spread out to pursue your own passions. One contingent may be keen to spend hours splashing in the pool, others to take a guided nature tour or conquer the elliptical machine in the fitness center. Meet back up for dinner. Win-win.

5. Get Guided Around Your Exotic Locale

RCI’s all-inclusive resorts are in top tropical destinations, including Brazil, Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico (Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Los Cabos, and Puerto Vallarta). In fact, there are hundreds to choose from in the RCI resort directory when you search by all-inclusive resorts. Pick your favorite, and while you’re on your all-inclusive vacation let the resort staff be your guide. On-site concierges will help you choose the best outings. They know what’s safe, what’s top quality, and what’s worth the price of leaving your pampering bubble. Plus, the knowledgeable staffers will book outings for you, with a smile.

6. Keep Your Belly Happy

Free meals are only the beginning of food and beverage indulgences at many RCI all-inclusive resorts. You might have a minibar in your room that’s stocked daily at no charge to you. The room service team may be willing to deliver a sandwich, a bottle of bubbly, or slice of chocolate cake to your door, even at 3 a.m. A chilled Corona by the pool? At many all-inclusive resorts, you can have that served at your chaise without a second thought.


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