5 Tips to Eating Out on Vacation Without Going Broke

Vacationing doesn’t always have to be expensive

There are so many great ways to have the vacation of a lifetime without breaking the bank. If you plan ahead and research your destination beforehand, you may be surprised at the cool places you can find to eat at a fraction of the cost. Here are some things you definitely want to consider:

1. Eat at Expensive Restaurants

If you want to try an expensive place, consider dining there during lunch hours. Many upscale restaurants offer lunch menus that are a fraction of the cost you’d pay if you ate there during dinner hours.

2. Eat Street Food

Eating street food can be inexpensive, fast, and a great way to try a lot of different local foods without taking a hit to your wallet. However, it is always important to use your best judgement.

3. Eat at Familiar Places

Eating at unique places may or may not be your thing. Don’t be ashamed to walk into a familiar fast-food or chain restaurant you have back at home. It can be overwhelming eating out at strange places so if you find it comforting to have a taste of home—go for it.

4. Eat Outside the Box

Whether or not you’re adventurous, never be afraid to try new food. You may surprise yourself and find that you actually like something you never thought you did. Remember, often times samples are free so there’s no better time to try something new than when you don’t have to pay.

5. Eat Outside the Box

These areas are always full of tourists and the food is typically overpriced and doesn’t taste too great. If possible, walk several blocks away from a tourist area and you’ll likely find better options, with better food, service and lower cost.