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From The RCI Team
About RCI | 26/07/2017
Welcome to Our Blog, which has been specially designed for timeshare owners. We want to share the many ways you can get real value from your timeshare purchase by opening up a world of fabulous...
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Why RCI?

By Jo Smith, RCI Marketing Manager
About RCI | 15/08/2017
Do you own a timeshare, but are unsure what to do with it? Then look no further, because if the idea of a holiday every year, the flexibility to travel to many different places, knowing you will...
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Extra special holidays with RCI

Maria Musgrove-Wethey
About RCI | 15/09/2017
Being a business owner and a mother, life can get fairly hectic. Taking that time out to relax with my husband, Robin, and my daughter, Isabella, is so important to me. Twenty...
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Timeshare Quality Reigns In Spain

Rebeccca Gormley, RCI Affiliate Marketing Executive
About RCI | 27/09/2017
While a great location will always be attractive, it’s important for resorts to invest in the upgrade of guest areas to ensure that the quality standards their owners, and RCI members, expect...
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Timeshare - Caring, sharing friends

By Pauline Crozier, RCI Member
About RCI | 15/11/2017
How often have you said to your friends: "You'd have just loved it!"? More times than you can count I should think! If you are part of something special, such as timeshare holidays and...
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New ways to holiday in the New Year

Natasha Hegarty - RCI Travel Writer
About RCI | 03/01/2018
You work hard all year, so making sure you have an amazing holiday is important. To make sure your work/life balance is in good shape, holidays are a great way to reconnect with your family by...
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Top Tips for Exchanging

By Natasha Hegarty - RCI Travel Writer
About RCI | 05/01/2018
The great thing about RCI's Membership is the access to over 4,300 resorts worldwide that you can exchange with your home resort. So rather than returning to the same destination year after year, you...
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Making The Most Of RCI Membership

By Helen Foster, RCI Staff Member
About RCI | 24/01/2018
I've known several friends over the years to fulfil the dream of buying a second home - their place in the sun - only to find it becomes a burden that leaves them cold. Initially, the first...
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Get More From Life With RCI Points Partners

By Lorraine Loveland, Travel Writer
About RCI | 02/02/2018
Picture the scene: You’ve booked your accommodation, arranged your flights, and you still have points left. However you don’t have quite enough for another Exchange Holiday, or can’t quite find...
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Christel House RCI's Charity Of Choice

By Kristen Matthews and Amanda Nodada, Graduates of Christel House, South Africa
About RCI | 28/02/2018
Christel DeHaan not only reshaped what a holiday could look like when she founded RCI and put timeshare holiday exchange on the map more than four decades ago, she also set out on a mission...
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Welcoming Members Back To RCI

By Natasha Hegarty
About RCI | 07/03/2018
There are occasions when, for so many different reasons, a timeshare owner might not renew their RCI membership. Our personal circumstances are forever in flux and there are times when for instance,...
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