Stephen Taylor has been a member of RCI for over 22 years and, after all those years of using RCI's excellent Holiday Exchange programme, he now has his favourite destinations and resorts. He explains how he books some of the most sought-after resorts available to RCI members and how he uses to get the exchanges he really wants.

My wife, Carol, and I have been members of RCI since 1997 and have enjoyed many Exchange Holidays as members over the years. We've become used to the high standard of resorts and service as RCI members and have had some fantastic holidays.

Stephen and Carol have been holidaying in the Lake District, using RCI Holiday Exchanges, for 15 years and have never been disappointed with the accommodation or the weather! Depositing their week and starting their holiday search early helps to ensure they get their favourite resorts every year.

Deposit early

I tend to deposit as soon as I can, so once I’ve paid my maintenance fees, I go straight onto RCI's website to get the booking process started.

Carol and I have two timeshares in Tenerife, and we always exchange them with RCI, so it’s been quite some time since we’ve visited our home resorts. We like having the flexibility to holiday where we want with our timeshare and we really enjoy holidaying in the UK the most. This is why our RCI membership works well for us, it gives us the chance to have the holidays we really want, all with the benefits of timeshare accommodation, such as the extra space, quality accommodation and the home-from-home feel.

As many of the resorts we love are popular with other members too, we know we need to make an early deposit so we don't miss out.

Carol and I always go for a week away in February, usually to the Lake District which is one of our favourite places to holiday, so I like to book as far in advance as possible, as UK accommodation gets booked up very quickly. We’ve been going away in February for around 15 years now and have always got the resorts we want.

We really like holidaying in the UK at that time of the year, and although the weather is always a secondary concern to us, we’ve never really had terrible weather, which is very lucky!

Relaxing on the canals

We like to go on a canal boat holiday in the summer. My wife had been trying to persuade me to try one for ages, but I thought it might be a bit boring, as I’m not one for sitting around and relaxing too much. I’m much more of an outdoors person and like hill walking, paragliding, cycling and climbing. We also have our own sailing dinghy which we love taking out on the water, and we also have a 1970 Morris Traveller and two 1950's BSA motorbikes, so we’re quite active! However, I really enjoy the canal boats and I’d recommend giving one a go.

Carol and her sister enjoy a canalside picnic during a summer holiday. The beautiful Lake District is a favourite of Stephen (pictured far right) who loves to get out and about exploring all this area of the UK has to offer. They always get the holidays they want due to planning ahead and depositing early.

I can't really say that I've got a favourite canal route, as I’ve always enjoyed all of these holidays, but our last two canal getaways have been from Anderton Marina at Northwich. There is a very good choice of routes in that area and you can visit towns such as Congleton, Chester and Nantwich. We really like mooring up for the night, away from any villages, as we do like the peace and quiet, although we also like to visit canalside pubs when we get the chance! The canal boats get booked up very quickly, so you have to book in advance if you have a particular route you are set on, which is another reason I make sure I deposit as early as possible.

The Taylors have enjoyed their canal boat holidays every summer and have been to many different places. There are many routes to choose from on, just make sure you book early.

The Taylors have enjoyed their canal boat holidays every summer and have been to many different places. There are many routes to choose from on, just make sure you book early.

Benefits of RCI

We have got another week away with RCI booked for November this year, as we had some spare trading power to use. We’re going to Hornsea, which we are really looking forward to. In the past we have combined our Deposit Trading Power to get the holidays we really want - RCI membership is quite flexible if you need to do that. It is one of the main reasons we still have our timeshare after all these years.

I always use to book my holidays because it’s just so easy and it has an excellent search facility. The search is simple and I like that I can just select to look at resorts in England and they will show me exactly what’s available there. I sometimes use an Ongoing Search on the website so I can make sure I don’t miss any resorts that we love when they crop up, as resorts get added every day when other members deposit their weeks. I check the website every couple of days though, so I don’t often have to use that.

My top tip to any RCI member is to use the website to search and book your holidays, it really is simple to use.

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