Embrace a fresh new year and open up new horizons to explore with your RCI membership. From the cherry blossoms of trendy Tokyo to the sandy, tropical shores of Goa, read on to see our guide to the hot spots that are generating a buzz for 2020. Get ahead and maximise your trading power by planning your next RCI Exchange Holiday now, and let us take you on the holiday of a lifetime.

Tokyo, Japan

A tantalizing fusion of the ancient and contemporary, vibrant Japan is at the top of everyone’s must-see list for 2020. Fresh off the back of hosting the 2019 Rugby World Cup, this sleek destination is a traveller’s dream. Safe, stylish and steeped in centuries of culture, Japan is sure to tick all the boxes, and as the 2020 Olympic's host, the country is geared-up for a myriad of fresh visitors.

A thronged, electric street running through the heart of Tokyo in Japan.

Visit Japan in springtime to admire the soft blooms of its famous cherry blossoms, or witness the mighty Mount Fuji stretch up through clear skies into soft wisps of cloud; there’s so much to see and experience outdoors, even in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. The Meiji Shrine, set in a forested park in Shibuya, is thick with centuries of atmosphere and is a serene spot to visit for a culture fix. Or why not visit the impressive Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa? It's the oldest temple in Tokyo and has a wonderful shopping street running up to it called 'Nakamise' that sells traditional kimonos and fans, trinkets and snacks.

Among the sleek glass towers within the city, you’ll find endless rows of bars and eateries - and even the famous Godzilla head peeping over the tops of the skyscrapers. Teeming with restaurants ranging from order-your-own to sushi trains and top-rated gourmet restaurants, you’ll experience dishes to make your palate sing; sashimi, monjayaki and plump gyoza dumplings are a must!

A breathtaking view of Mount Fuji, an active volcano, framed by Japan's world famous cherry blossoms.

Experience Tokyo’s nightlife and take a walk through its electric streets; sing karaoke with the locals and enjoy a cup of sake in Golden Gai, where over 250 tiny themed-bars are packed. For jaw-dropping views as far as the eye can see, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building whisks you up 45 floors to its viewing platform (it’s free of charge) and gives visitors a near-360 degree view of the city. Or, if you fancy a fashion fix, jump on the metro and hit Harajuku for a stroll down Takeshita Street - this colourful swathe of shops is bursting with trendy clothes and accessories. Whatever you do with your time in Japan, you’ll find it hard to leave!

Goa, India

Journey off the beaten track and visit far-flung Goa, the sunshine state of India, for a cultured trip surrounded by stunning landscapes. Explore the dreamy shores along its bohemian coastline, brimming with rustic charm, and get lost in this original hippie-haven that’s captured hearts all over the world. From beaches and rustic towns to sites of natural beauty, all with a heady mix of Indian and Portuguese cultures, Goa is a cultural hot spot that you should definitely consider as your 2020 getaway.

The stunningly diverse landscape of India's Western Ghats, that stretches out across Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

To visit Goa is to experience the landscape. An UNESCO World Heritage Site that's older than the mighty Himalayas, the Western Ghats region houses Goa's most important areas of biodiversity. Made up of wetlands, forests and parks, this untamed stretch is teeming with life. Birds and boars roam the thick forests, while endangered sea turtles paddle on foamy shores, all of which can be taken in on a guided tour. Or why not take to a spot of Goa's 78 miles of coastline, fringed with everything, from calm, empty stretches to bustling party beaches, complete with psychedelic trance parties. Beaches such as Arambol and Palolem are worth a visit - Goa is, after all, renowned for its irresistible shorelines.

But it's not just the vistas that pull visitors to this area. With pockets of cultural spots like Fontainhas - Goa's colourful Latin Quarter - you can immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of Portuguese culture by visiting one of the many art galleries, going for a guided walking tour through colonial buildings, trying your hand at ceramic tile-making or whiling away an evening beneath the stars listening to live music. Or perhaps visit Marago - Goa's culture capital crammed with colonial-era buildings to explore. There's plenty of culture to get your teeth stuck into, and it's relatively untouched by tourism.

The colourful colonial buildings of Goa's Latin Quarter, Fontainhas. Sandy shots of Arambol Beach and Palolem Beach.

Tenerife, The Canary Islands

Kick back on the largest of the stunning Spanish archipelago and adjust to island life in sun-soaked Tenerife. Bask in the sunshine and get your boost of vitamin D after a cold and wet winter. Perhaps spend your time enjoying once-in-a-lifetime activities, such as whale watching, or passing sunset evenings cocktail-tasting, or savouring a tipple from one of Tenerife’s luscious vineyards. But this island isn’t just a sun-worshipper’s paradise...

Tenerife's tallest mountain (and active volcano), Mount Teide, dominates the skyline and is the beating heart of the island.

The peaks of rugged Mount Teide are rewarded with gasp-out-loud views during a daytime climb - but Teide at night is a really special experience. Walk through thick, moonlit pine forests and turn your eyes to the velvety night sky to take part in Teide's stargazing events - Teide National Park is recognised as a 'Starlight Destination'. Gazing up from the peak of the volcano, expect to be dazzled by the Milky Way, the Summer Triangle and even sporadic meteor showers!

Turquoise-blue waters lapping the volcanic shoreline of Tenerife.

Meanwhile, back at sea level, supplement your days with delicious seafood, fished fresh from the ocean, that will make up dishes for lazy lunches and intimate evening dinners, as you watch an orange-stained sunset. A favourite spot to enjoy this is the stretch of Playa de las Américas on the southwestern stretch of the island. It twinkles on the island's sandy shores, offering its bustling nightlife and gorgeous views to all.

For a rewarding day trip, Tenerife is peppered with picturesque UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the village of San Cristóbal de La Laguna - its historic cobbled streets are a quiet spot to wander on heady summer afternoons. There's a whole host of activities here that would make this classic location worth revisiting in 2020.

Lake Balaton, Hungary

Float away on Lake Balaton, aptly dubbed ‘The Hungarian Sea’, and enjoy a break in this splendid summer lakeside spot. Nestled at the foot of softly climbing hills, this sprawling lake is a drop of tranquillity only 84 miles from the bustling city life of Budapest. But don’t be fooled by the rolling landscapes and peaceful waters; Lake Balaton is a hot spot of activity that’s the perfect shore-side haven, either as a couples' retreat or for a family summer break.

The tranquil shores of Lake Balaton stretching out into the horizon.

At nearly 50 miles long, the lake is awash with the crisp white sails of boats and the spray of water - and it’s not just for admiring! Take to these warm waters and make a splash with water sports, such as kayaking, or even wake boarding (if you’re feeling brave), or perhaps just take a dip and enjoy the views as you paddle. Sun-worshippers can lounge on the lake's sandy shores, and those with a nose for exploring have a wealth of nearby bustling towns and villages to meander through, from places such as Siófok, a lively party town that dubs itself 'the capital of summer' to the elegant, historic town of Keszthely and laidback villages near Badacsony, where walking and wine-tasting tours are more the order of the day.

Lake Balaton is a haven for water sports. Visitors flock to this area to enjoy activities such as sailing, wake boarding, canoeing and jet skiing.

While you're experiencing all that Lake Balaton has to offer, snack on tasty treats such as corn on the cob, grilled sausages, or lángos, a bread-like pastry topped with the likes of garlic sauce, cheese, sour cream or ham, and not to forget the delicious wines borne from its lush vineyards.

Why not explore the area by one of the many cycle paths that crisscross across the landscape? It’s a gorgeous way to spend a day taking in the sights and is a fantastic activity for all the family. Take from this European waterside destination what you will; be it an active break or a flop and drop retreat, but make sure it's on your destination list for 2020!

Lush vineyards blanket the hills surrounding Lake Balaton. Book a tour and while away a day wine tasting to savour all this gorgeous landscape has to offer.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

If you’re looking for a slice of paradise, then Montego Bay, Jamaica, is the 2020 retreat for you. A true tropical retreat, experience an idyllic trip infused with the sweet twangs of coconut and a touch of rum. Leafy palms and ribbons of white-sand beaches hug the shores, soft enough to luxuriously wiggle your toes in, on an island which is rich in culture and history.

Enjoy snorkelling and diving among the beautiful coral reefs off the coast of Montego Bay.

Of all Jamaica’s beaches to take your pick from (there are plenty), the private Doctor’s Cave Beach is the perfect spot to unwind and breathe in the life of the island - you’ll instantly feel life slow down and feel like a drop in the ocean. And for a fee of just $6, you have access to a fully stocked bar and grill. If, after luxuriating on the beach, you feel like exploring a little, why not visit the Bob Marley Museum for a flavour of the island's reggae roots? Or perhaps head over to the southeast of the island and reward yourself by bathing in the healing waters of the Blue Hole Mineral Spring - its spring waters have therapeutic properties - and you can book yourself in for a mud massage to pummel away those stresses.

For a taste of history and legend, Rose Hall Great House - also in Montego Bay - is a restored Jamaican-Georgian style mansion. The estate offers a tour and a museum which documents the slave history of the house, and the legend of the White Witch of Rose Hall. There's also the famous Sam Sharpe Square - for an important history lesson - and the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience if you'd like to sample a fiery tot of rum. To top this all off and really embrace island life, eat at Jamaica’s rich table of food and try your hand at delicacies, such as ackee and codfish (an island favourite), jerk chicken, fragrant curried goat or even fish tea (don’t be fooled by the name, it’s actually a tasty soup!) Whatever calls to you, it can all be made possible with an RCI exchange holiday.

Perhaps one of Jamaica's most well-known dishes, the spicy and sweet dish of jerk chicken can be enjoyed all over the island.

Orlando, Florida

For a thrill-ride - quite literally! - consider Orlando as a leafy metropolitan sunspot that will answer your call for adventure. With Florida being the theme-park capital of the world, it's easy to see why Orlando is such an attractive family holiday destination, but we know that theme parks aren't for everyone. There's so much more to this spot to fill your days while you're on holiday...

A sunset shot across the reflective waters of Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando, Florida,

The city of Orlando itself is a cosmopolitan destination that's abuzz with life; you don't need a roller coaster to enjoy this place! Sat nestled right in the city centre of downtown Orlando, is Lake Eola Park. A glassy stretch of water surrounded by parkland, this urban spot is the perfect place to unwind and watch the world go by. The art-deco style Linton E Allen Fountain fizzes and spurts at the centre of the lake and you can rent a boat and paddle out to the middle for a front-row view of the city.

Further downtown there are indoor activities to keep everyone occupied, such as a visit to the Orlando Museum of Art, indoor go-karting and even sky diving! Or how about living life through the eyes (or spacesuit) of an astronaut during a visit to The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex? It's the perfect day trip for young and old alike. Or if a sandy shore-side retreat is still a holiday-must, Cocoa Beach is a pretty spot, and it's only an hour away from the heart of Orlando. Take the chance to enjoy a day on the pier, perhaps fishing or watching the sun slip behind the horizon while you enjoy a delicious supper.

A sunny shot of the iconic globe at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

With Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and LEGOLAND being just a taste of what's on your doorstep, it's not surprising that Orlando has the accolade of the theme-park capital of the world. The parks are full of magic and a visit is well worth your time while you're here. But if teeth-chattering, stomach-churning thrill rides aren't your bag, there are countless other things these parks have to offer, from air-conditioned shopping experiences to gentle rides and fantastic shows. It makes a day out at one of Orlando's theme parks perfect for every member of the family and a magical trip you'll never forget.

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