Hello! Here at RCI, we are committed to finding the best holidays for you, fuelled by a passion for travel that we know we share with all of our members... We love going on our holidays just as much as you do! We've captured some of our RCI staff on camera, as they reveal their best-loved destinations and the favourite things they get up to when they're there on holiday.

Orlando, Florida

We just can't get enough of Orlando - and we have a feeling it might be Leia's favourite place too. This is the perfect destination to indulge in some lighthearted fun with a trip to see Mickey and friends, or how about hopping on a broomstick to play Quidditch with Harry Potter? You can even whip out a light saber and give defending the galaxy a go! Even if the big theme parks and white-knuckle rides of Disneyland and Universal Studios aren't your bag, Orlando is bursting at the seams with things to offer the whole family. From catching a race on the sizzling sands of Daytona Beach to browsing the colossal shopping malls - Sarah can teach you a thing or two about that one, it's simply impossible to get bored there. The kids can follow in Will's footsteps... or moon boots... and visit the Kennedy Space Center, plus there are loads of vibrant bars and restaurants to discover each night. Orlando is an undeniably lively place that we'd revisit time and time again!

If you want to jet off to this sunny part of the world, we have more than 120 RCI-affiliated resorts in this area, stretching across Orlando and Kissimmee.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas will always be a winner in our eyes - it's got it all. The irresistible bright lights of this iconic hot spot have drawn in lots of our staff over the years - as Shum nicely summarised: "It's like the Disneyland for adults - there's something for everyone!" While there are casinos in abundance if you fancy a flutter, this is actually a great spot for all ages to experience. Are you brave enough to hop into a helicopter or aeroplane, like Lisa and Elaine, and soar over the jaw-dropping Grand Canyon? If heights aren't the way to go, keep your feet on solid ground and visit Hoover Dam. Or how about hitting the shows? We hear Penn and Teller are spectacular, and that's just the beginning of the entertainment - with music acts, acrobatics and so much more.

Do you fancy a flutter on the tables at the Bellagio or a gentle gondola ride through The Venetian? RCI has over 55 affiliated resorts in the Las Vegas area for our members to choose from.

Cancún, Mexico

A dreamy paradise in hues of turquoise blue and pale gold, Cancún is a firm favourite with RCI staff... and have you heard about the food? There's a mass consensus from our staff that it's out of this world - and Sonal will vouch for the top-notch spreads for vegetarians. Phillip loves it so much he's already been three times, and rumour has it he's lining up a fourth trip. This luxurious long-haul destination is hard not to love. Packed with top-quality all-inclusive hotels, you can flop and drop by the pool with a cocktail or, if you're up for exploring, you can stroll in the sunshine like Rebecca, as you amble the streets and check out the Instagram-worthy Mayan ruins and waterfalls. And the nightlife - that's an experience in itself! We think a trip to Cancún will be a holiday you'll never forget.

RCI has over 80 affiliated resorts in this vibrant, sun-soaked destination, most of which enjoy RCI Gold Crown resort status!

Tenerife, The Canary Islands

Ah, The Land of Eternal Spring - that's Tenerife's nickname! (Thanks for that one, Phillip). A much-loved Spanish island, Tenerife is a beautiful spot with year-round sunshine for that ultimate escape, and it's not just a place for youngsters. The real Tenerife offers up a diverse landscape alongside plenty of delicious Canarian food, wine and tapas, which is so reasonably priced! As Lisa says: "If you've been before, then go again". There's so much to do there with every visit. Did you know there are lush rainforests in Tenerife? Mount Teide is an unmissable experience, you can even stargaze at the top, or cycle down it if you're up to it, while once-in-a-lifetime whale-watching trips are sure to take your breath away.

RCI loves Tenerife, so much so that we have over 50 RCI affiliated resorts waiting for you to enjoy there.

Portugal, The Algarve

Stunning weather? Check. Ice cream and trams? Check. Golf? CHECK! Is there anything that Portugal doesn't have? Shelley loves its glorious limestone coastlines and beaches, plus this hot spot is the perfect place to perfect your golf swing while taking in those views. Or maybe try some water sports or boat trips if an active break is on the cards. Will's lost count of how many times he's visited the Algarve, and can vouch for how friendly the people are, particularly in the quaint villages and towns set back from the hustle and bustle of the coast. How about taking in the sights of Lisbon, from an old-fashioned tram, like Rebecca did? Or perhaps just unwind on a golden beach with a good book and the sand between your toes. The Algarve is your oyster!

If Portugal sounds like the spot for you, book from a choice of almost 50 RCI affiliated resorts, and you could be enjoying the Algarve in no time.

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