Ever wanted to travel through your bucket list in a weekend? While you might not be able to explore your favourite holiday destinations all at once, we've put together a list of our favourite walking tour destinations from around the globe. With the wonders of modern technology, most notably video cameras and YouTube, you can jump from one bucket list destination to the next in the click of a button. Skip the baggage claim queues and immerse yourself in the most amazing destinations from the comfort of your own sofa.

Swiss Mountains

If you’re unlikely to find yourself in the mountains of Switzerland anytime soon, this virtual tour of the Mannlichen is a wonderful experience even when experienced from your home. The tour opens to a meet and greet with some local bovine residents, before taking the popular mountain path from the Gondola that goes from the Wengen over to the train station.

Grindelwald can be seen below and above are the Elger, Monche and Jungfrau peaks. It’s a beautiful, easy walk, mostly downhill and the views are just stunning. There are plenty of places along the route to swing in the playgrounds or stop for a picnic, but with the luxury of virtual tours it’s a short walk to the kitchen, even while on the mountain side.

Las Vegas

The ultimate night-time walking tour is of the Las Vegas strip. Filmed in 2018 on an Autumnal evening, this long walk captures world-famous attractions like the Ballagio’s Fountain Show, numerous casinos and performance venues. The Las Vegas Strip is a 4.2 mile stretch in Nevada, USA; but for this tour you won’t even need your walking shoes. The tour begins by passing by the Grand Canal Shoppes opposite Treasure Island. Later it passes the New York, New York and MGM Grand before passing Caesars Palace on the way back to the Wyn and Encore hotel.

Las Vegas is known for its bustling atmosphere, upscale resort hotels and casinos; many of which are located on the central Strip. The boulevard’s cityscape is highlighted by its contemporary architecture, bright lights and endless taxi cabs. The sights and sounds at every turn give a small taste of the atmosphere experienced by those who walk the Strip at night. It’s easy to see why it is one of the most popular and iconic tourist destinations in the world.


Are you yet to experience the historical magnificence of Rome? This walking tour does a wonderful job of capture the vibes of the quiet narrow streets, bustling tourist spots and ancient Roman architecture that still exists in the city today.

The video starts at the Piazza del Popolo, or the “people’s square”, on the North-West quarter of Rome. Wander through the vast urban square and into the winding streets lined with high-end fashion boutiques, cafes and gelato vendors. Next head to the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and then down through the city to the Coliseum. Seeing wonders like this in real-time is a fascinating insight into the history of the Italian capital city.


Even if you haven’t yet been able to visit Barcelona, this city walking tour has a familiar feel to it and does a great job of transporting you to the warm, sunny streets of Spain. Although this is a shorter video, it begins in the bustling shopping district and wanders along Avenida del Portal del Angel to the Barcelona Cathedral.

One of the best ways to see Barcelona is undoubtedly on foot, as the streets are lined with fascinating architecture and statues that can make tourists stop in their tracks. In this video, you’ll enjoy the distant sounds of live music in the street, get a glimpse of some street performance outside the Catedral de Barcelona, and wander past a traditional Catalonian market. With the heating turned up and a pair of sunglasses, you could almost convince yourself of being in Spain.


This walking tour is something a little bit different. Viewers have the chance to experience a tropical forest and at every corner, you will feel a frisson of joy and relaxation. The Hawaiian greenery features giant trees and dominant plants that feel prehistoric. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why films like Jurassic Park were filmed in this very location.

The walking tour features a seemingly endless array of palm trees and bamboo, with the pleasant birdsong of the many species of birds accompanying through the journey. The sun rays beam through the trees and give a true glimpse of this paradise on Earth. Not only that, the video is an hour in length and is sure to bring harmony to your day in a walking tour like no other. In Hawaii, each breath is like water, fresh and clean, flowing freely into your lungs. Now you have a chance to experience that for yourself without ever needing to stop on a plane.

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