Now that summer is within our grasp, now is the perfect time to treat yourself and your family to an activity-packed holiday experience with the best tropical islands that Asia and Europe has to offer.

Here at RCI, we help you turn your dreams into reality. So get ready to set down your travel plans, pack your best bathing suits, and check out our travel guide for an invigorating beach getaway this 2022.

1. Feel the lush green nature and blue seas in Phuket


Located on the southwest coast of Thailand, Phuket has always known as one of the most coveted island destinations in Southeast Asia. Phuket is defined by lush terrains, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and colorful towns.  


Whilst visiting the island, take a tour at Phang Nga Bay, which is home to about 40 small islands, mangrove reserves, lagoons, and caves. For the best experience, we recommended having a guided tour as this attraction is chock full of haunting folklore, sea gypsies, and traditional Malay fishing which date back to a hundred years ago. 

 For a beautiful bird’s eye view of the island, wander at Karon View Point, which is located just south of Kata Noi Beach. This viewpoint looks out over to the Andaman Sea and gives you a stunning view of the Kata Noi, Kata Yai, and Karon beaches. 

If you’re traveling with the kids, we recommend paying a visit to Phuket Elephant Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to rescued and retired working elephants and will give you and your family an up-close, non-intrusive and ethical interaction with the lovely animals.  

2. Explore a magical blend of culture and activities available at Bali


Bali is every traveller’s dream island getaway. Aside from its pristine beaches, nodding palm trees, and off-the-road attractions, it also has a very unique and vibrant culture that the Balinese people have successfully maintained until today. Balinese culture is heavily influenced by a form of Hinduism called Agarma Hindu Dharma, which Balinese people have combined with local indigenous customs and practice in every aspect of their life.  

Aside from soaking up some sun at Bali’s best beaches, you can make the most out of your holiday experience in this island by exploring Bali’s jewellery-making heritage with your friends and family. Have a go at crafting your Balinese jewellery at Paren Jewellery production centre, whose workshop is primarily made of a Balinese family of silversmiths. Balinese are long known for their amazing craftsmanship of gold and silver jewellery, and have continued to create intricate objects for their heirlooms, ceremonies, and rituals. 

After a long day of stretching out your legs, see a traditional healer for a quick taste of spiritual therapy and holistic healing. For centuries, Balinese traditional healers have rejected Western medicine and have chosen to continue physical and spiritual healing through various combinations of massages and ancient rituals.  

3. Witness the majestic shorelines and indulge in the amazing food in Greece


With its idyllic beaches, striking landscape of ancient ruins and archaeological sites, and vibrant culture — there is no wonder that Greece is called the “land of the light”. Making an odyssey to this country is something you won’t regret because with its rich history and coastal towns, you’ll never run out of attractions and activities to choose from.  

Feast your eyes and catch some sun on the glittering blue waters of Balos Beach, located on the northwestern side of Chania on the island of Crete. Balos Beach is actually a small sand isthmus that connects Crete to Tigani Island. Up close, you’ll be greeted by the enthralling crystal-clear waters. The southern side of the beach is a famous attraction for families because its blue-water bay is shallow and calm, and ideal for a quick dip for the kids.  

Of course, your Greece holiday wouldn’t be complete without trying out the best in Greek cuisine. Treat your taste buds to a feast of flavors and try some family-run restaurants in Mycenae, just a few blocks away from the ancient Mycenae site.  

4. Escape to an incredible paradise resort in Maldives


If you're looking for the epitome of island paradise, look no further than Maldives. Known as a famous honeymoon destination, Maldives truly paints a picture of romance and relaxation with its scenic beaches, crystal clear azure waters, and incredibly scenic sunsets.  

Have a rendezvous with Maldives’ turquoise waters and enjoy this little archipelago at its finest by going island hopping! Maldives consists a chain of a little over 1,200 small coral islands and sand banks, which are grouped in clusters or atolls.  

Experience a mesmerizing sight that’s one for the books when you visit Vaadhoo Island, known for its bioluminiscent beach. Also known as the Sea of Stars, Vaadhoo has grown popular among the tourists for its bioluminiscent phenomenon, which is a blue glow produced by the distressed sea planktons that often get washed up by the shore. The best time to visit Vaadhoo for this unique phenomenon is between June and October.   

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