With summer fast approaching and travel restrictions slowly easing out this 2022, now is the perfect time for you and your family to satisfy your wanderlust once again and craft your perfect holiday experience. And there’s no better way to get started on your travel list this year than by exploring one of the best gems that Southeast Asia has to offer — the Philippines.

The Philippines, also known as the Pearl Orient of the South, is a melting pot of Eastern and Western cultures that can easily please xenophiles and any discerning traveler alike. Known for its pristine white-sand beaches, scenic landscapes, and diverse cuisine, the Philippines makes for a perfect family-friendly destination when you want to enjoy the tranquility and wonders of nature in this side of the world.

Check out our top picks of attractions you wouldn’t want to miss for when you embark on a nature getaway in the Philippines!

Picturesque landscapes: Tagaytay, Cavite


Tagaytay is a quaint, mountain town located south of Manila, sitting on the ridge above Taal Volcano Island. With only an hour drive away from the capital, there’s no wonder that this place is a popular weekend hotspot, as it boasts of a milder climate, outstanding scenery, and accessible amusement parks.

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking terrains of Taal volcano when you ride the Sky Eye from Skyranch. Get a glimpse of paradise and enjoy the peace & quiet of Paradizoo along with their farm animals and flower gardens. And while you’re here, complete your journey by enjoying a warm cup of a classic tablea house blend by Tsokolateria, a rich hot chocolate drink made with local cacao beans.

Island paradise: Boracay


If there’s any island in the Philippines that you shouldn’t skip, it’s definitely Boracay.

Boracay is a small island situated in the central Philippines that boasts of a long stretch of powdery white-sand beach, crystal-clear waters and stunning sunsets. Whether you’re visiting this tropical haven for a romantic honeymoon or traveling with your kids for a family getaway, you’ll never run out of thrilling activities to do while you’re here!

Enjoy Boracay at its best by exploring its waters: go kayaking, parasailing, snorkeling and island-hopping. If you’re up for a slower-paced holiday, you can easily spend the afternoons by the beach and enjoy a refreshing drink of coconut water while getting your skin inked with a henna tattoo.

Tranquil wonders and cultural heritage: Laguna

Located southeast of Manila is the province of Laguna, a place renowned for its natural resources and cultural heritage. Founded in 1571, Laguna traces its name to the Spanish word “lago” which means lake. It was also believed to have been named after its adjacent lake Laguna De Bay, the largest lake in the Philippines.

Laguna has a rich history for it is the hometown of the Philippine national hero Jose Rizal. Peek into the life of Rizal and visit the Rizal Shrine in Calamba, a replica of the original house where Rizal was born and raised. Satisfy the history buff in you by visiting Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery, a historical landmark famed for its Baroque-style Roman Catholic architecture. Marvel at the beauty of well-preserved old Spanish houses at Pila Heritage Site, where the old parish church of Saint Anthony of Padua still stands.

Aside from its heritage sites, Laguna is also replete with natural wonders. Indulge in a thrilling hike and freshen up after when you visit Pagsanjan Falls (also known as Cavinti Falls). If you’re looking for a relaxing time after a day of adventures, you can always go bamboo rafting in Pandin Lakes at San Pablo City and enjoy the scenic landscapes of the province.

Tropical Haven: Pangasinan

The Philippines has 7,107 islands and 124 of them can be found in Pangasinan alone.

Known as the home of Hundred Islands, Pangasinan is a major tourist destination in the Philippines that serves as a true oasis for all beach and nature lovers. The province is abound with white-sand beaches, islands, caves, and delectable local cuisine. Pangasinan translates to “place of salt”, which can be attributed to its role as one of the major suppliers of salt in the country.

When you’re in the province, one of the activities that you must definitely include in your bucket list is island-hopping in the Hundred Islands, also known as The Hundred Islands National Park. This famous natural gem won’t run out of exciting activities for you and your family  — go swimming, snorkeling, scuba-diving, cliff-jumping and more!

Your Pangasinan trip wouldn’t be complete without getting a taste of the province’s local cuisine. Take your taste buds on an adventure by sampling some local delicacies: Piga-Pigar (thin beef slices sauteed in onions and cabbage, served with a dipping sauce made of fresh chilis, calamansi, and soy sauce), Lechon Bagoong (roasted suckling pig served with fermented fish sauce), and Puto Calasiao (steamed rice cake that also comes in strawberry, pandan, and ube flavors).

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