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We’re pleased to be adding valuable new benefits to the RCI Platinum membership tier on 9/25/17. Please understand the increased value of RCI Platinum membership will be reflected in an increased annual renewal rate of $89USD. You will be able to start enjoying your new benefits on 9/25/17 and the increased annual rate will not be applied until your next RCI Platinum membership renewal date.

What are the benefits of RCI Platinum membership?

RCI Platinum® membership offers a wide range of benefits to help enhance your vacation ownership by providing you with benefits that you can enjoy on vacation and at home. You’ll get 300 Complimentary Savings Dollars just for upgrading to RCI Platinum membership, then earn Savings Dollars on many RCI transactions you already do (like paying exchange fees and renewing your RCI® subscribing membership). As an RCI Platinum member you’ll also enjoy a higher level of service, special priority privileges, exclusive sales and savings on select RCI transactions, more flexibility, and enriched exchange options opportunities such as Priority Access and Priority Answer.

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RCI Platinum® Membership