If you like to gamble, love the beach and boardwalk, this is the place to go!


  • What do you enjoy doing when you travel? Sightseeing, trying new things, and good food
  • Have you been to this location before? Yes
  • What were you most excited about experiencing or learning about this location? We went for a county music concert at Boardwalk Hall which was great! It’s a smaller venue and all seats are great


  • How did you get to the destination? We drove, I love driving into Atlantic City at night and seeing all the buildings lit up! It creates excitement from the get go

Resort Information

  • What amenities are on the property? Fitness center, outdoor pool, game room, salon, spa, Jacuzzi/hot tub
  • What’s the surrounding area like? The resort is right on the boardwalk, making it a central location, so there’s a lot to do and see
  • How easy is it to get around on or off property? Very easy. Especially since you’re right on the boardwalk, you can take the tram car, a cart ride, or walk

Packing Tips & Weather

  • What would you recommend packing for someone visiting for the first time? Beach clothes and casual evening wear for summer months. Sweaters, jeans, and coats for the colder months
  • What was the weather like during the month of your visit? Chilly, but very nice for walking up and down the boardwalk and getting from casino to casino

Activities & Excursions

  • Tell us some of the activities you did while on your trip: Gambling, a concert, shows, shopping outlets, tried different restaurants
  • What activities would you recommend to someone visiting for the first time? Go to the casinos, see a show, experience the boardwalk, and of course…the beach!

Food & Dining

  • Are there any local specialties you recommend? Carmine’s Italian Restaurant – They have the best Italian food!
  • Favorite place to eat on property? Family Diner – Pancakes were very good
  • Favorite place to eat off property and what do you recommend there? Gordon Ramsey Pub and Grill & Margaritaville

Traveler Type

  • Who is this resort/destination best suited for? Couples, friends, group trips
  • What is the overall “vibe” of this destination? Great for those who like gambling, for those looking for a little bit of gambling mixed with food and entertainment, and those who love going to the beach

Insider Tips

  • Any fun facts about the area you learned? Atlantic City is the home of the Miss America pageant and was the first boardwalk built!
  • What is the area best known for? Casinos
  • Anything you MUST DO/SEE?
    • Nachos at Margaritaville
    • Tiramisu at Carmine's Italian Restaurant
    • Sticky Toffee Pudding at Gordon Ramsey's

Final Thoughts/Summary

  • The resort is great because it’s right on the boardwalk. The views are amazing watching the sunrise/sunsets from your room. You can see a lot of the boardwalk from the higher floors too which is very pretty. I would recommend!