Sold with the idea in travelling to the Land of the Morning Calm? Here’s how to make the most out of your K-Escape with RCI Travel Guru Angela. Watch the Final and Last episode of the RCI Travel Guru Series and be ready as the Thrill Voyager shares her ultimate South Korea Travel tips.

Don't miss out on this last episode of the RCI Travel Guru Series and find out how to experience South Korea like no other.

Episode 5.2 Angela's Fave in the K-Kitchen

From well-known kimchi, k-barbecue, kimbap to the well-known K-chicken, South Korea has its own national characteristics in eating habits and gastronomic etiquettes. In this second to the last episode of the RCI Travel Guru Series, the Thrill Voyager Angela will give a taste of the K-cuisine as she shares her favorite K-food in the K-Kitchen. Watch this episode and ready to tingle your Korean tastebuds with the K-kitchen customs, staples, and traditional dishes.

EPISODE 5.1 Say "Annyeonghaseyo" to Angela in South Korea

RCI Travel Guru Series Thrill Voyager will take us the Land of the Morning Calm and her own hometown, South Korea. In her first episode in the series, Angela shares the must dos and visits in the K-world. Come and let's explore together as we unravel abundant tourist attractions, mesmerizing sights and K-secrets only from the K-expert, Angela.

Buckle up and watch this last three episodes of the RCI Travel Guru Series.