Member Feedback

We review every suggestion you send, and use them to improve your experience. Keep your feedback coming! Here are some recent site enhancements based on YOUR feedback:

Weeks Member Enhancements

Easier Way to Sign Out

To make signing out of your account easier, we added a “Sign Out” link to the account dashboard.

Printable Member ID Cards

If you lose or misplace your RCI Member ID Card (or simply want a spare!), you can now print your ID card right from Head over to your My Account page and click or tap the “Print Member ID Card” link.

Update Your Contact Info in a Snap

You can now update your email address, mailing address, and phone number on No need to call or wait – just go to your My Account Page and click or tap the “Edit Account Info” link. Changes will be processed immediately.

Video Tutorials Are Now Available

If you need some help navigating through the new Weeks website, watch our helpful tutorials – one to help you with the new homepage and the other to guide you through searching online for a vacation. You can find these video tutorials in the Help section on

Points Member Enhancements

Tell the difference between RCI Weeks and RCI Points resorts when booking

When making a reservation online, you will now see labels indicating if a resort is an RCI Weeks resort or an RCI Points resort.

Help Where You Need It Most

We’ve added messaging at the point of confirmation to help you with the booking process.

Saved Points Additional Information

Now you can see the number of Saved Points you have remaining to use by visiting your Account Details page.