Time Travel: Vacation In These 4 European Castles & Palaces

From speeding a flux-capacitor-equipped 1981 DeLorean to a British police box that’s bigger on the inside, fiction is full of memorable time travelers. But what if you could turn back the clocks and vacation in a European castle? Fortunately, you’ve got resort options that make time travel nearly possible, with timeless castles and palaces to book across Europe for your next RCI vacation.*


1. Kilconquhar Estate and Country Club #0493*

Just north of Edinburgh you’ll find an estate with history reaching back to the 16th century. After being awestruck by the building’s majesty, you’ll also find so much fun to explore on the property. Tour the grounds of the estate on horseback, breathe the fresh air while working on your tennis swing, or test your skill on the putting greens.

2. Cameron Lodges At Cameron House #2416*

On the serene banks of Loch Lomond, you’ll find a resort that combines luxury and leisure in equal measure. Though technically not a castle, this mansion was built in the mid-1800s and stands today as an incredible way to experience Scotland by the waterfront with its private marina, boating, fishing, and so much more.


3. Fitzpatrick Castle Holiday Homes #0513*

Soak in the timeless vistas while looking out on Dublin Bay at this resort. If you work up a hunger while strolling the countryside, enjoy incredible, high-end dining or more laid-back fare with two on-site restaurants — and, of course, an afternoon tea.


4. Castello Izzalini #C649*

Dating back to the 13th century, this resort lets you fully immerse yourself in the majestic Umbrian countryside. Plus, with an on-site spa and nearby wineries, you can live it up while kicking back in the heart of Italy.

Go ahead and skip the quantum physics. Time travel is easy with these four history-rich, European castle resort escapes waiting to be explored. Just take your pick, wind back the clock, and take your time enjoying these hidden gems on your RCI vacation.

*Due to high demand, some resorts may require you to start an Ongoing Search.