Whether you are dreaming of a breathtaking mountain views with opportunities for adventure or a time spent relaxing on soft, sandy beaches a vision board can help you lay out your ideas to start planning the vacation of your dreams.

A vision board is a collage of images, pictures and words that is meant to be inspirational and motivational that should focus on how you want to feel on vacation. As you go on these vacations, you may find yourself adding a photo of a trip you’ve taken or a trinket that you picked up along the way to represent that memory and the feeling you had at that moment in time. There are a ton of great resources to create your vision board online or get creative and break out the scissors and tape to create one at home.

When creating a vision board at home, pull inspiration from magazines or online. Search for travel destinations or activities. Find images or words that remind you of that dream vacation going snorkeling in the crystal blue waters of a tropical location or zip lining through the hills of a mountainside location.

Utilize any materials you have at home such as a bulletin board or poster board, scissors and any additional embellishments that make you feel great. You can tack images to the board and switch them out throughout time to fit your travel inspirations.

If you are slim on resources at home, create your vacation vision board online using a free site such as Pinterest. Pin destinations that reflect who you are as a traveler and what you like to do while on vacation.

If you want something cleaner, try a free template from Canva or PicMonkey. These tools are user friendly and give you access to their library of images as well as the option to upload images from the web. Tools like these are great to utilize when you are low on resources at home and need to avoid heading to the stores.

If you need some inspiration to get started, check out #myRCI on Instagram to see where our employees and members have traveled over the years. Don’t forget to share your favorite vacation memories and mood board ideas with us!

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