When you think of Hawaii, it’s easy to conjure up images of a tropical paradise.

Pristine white beaches, tall palm trees, and picturesque waterfalls make up this archipelago. When the sun goes down, its islands come to life with fire dancing, rhythmic hula routines, and festive parties. Combine all of these with its rich culture and the warm hospitality of its people and there is no wonder that Hawaii is a popular summer destination in the USA.

When planning a trip to Hawaii, you may opt to discover something new or you might want to avoid crowded places but don’t worry, we are here to help you so here are the four hidden gems in Hawaii that you should visit!

Mermaid Caves, Oahu

If you’re up for an enchanting adventure, visit Mermaid Caves in Oahu.

Located near Nanakuli Beach Park (Kalaniana’ole Beach Park), Mermaid Caves (also known as Mermaid Cove) is an off-the-map natural wonder that offers breathtaking sights. This hidden destination is made up of magical cave tunnels in varying shapes and sizes, half-submerged in the shores of Oahu island and looking out into the Pacific Ocean.

This underwater gem is a well-kept secret and there are no direct Oahu guides that will help you get to the place. The best thing to do is to head towards the west side of Nanakuli Beach Park and ask around for directions from locals or go with fellow tourists who might be seeking out this cave.

Pro-tip: Navigating the Mermaid Caves is not for the faint-hearted! Reaching this sea cave requires a short trek across jagged terrains so make sure you are wearing comfortable and durable shoes to prevent any slip-ups. As this is half-submerged underwater, visiting it is also highly discouraged during high tide. If you are a real thrill-seeker, we’re sure the ethereal beauty of this place will make your trek worth it!

Lana’i Island

Located within Maui, Lana’i Islands’ lush white sands and sparkling blue waves is a feast to the eyes — no wonder it is called “Hawaii’s Enticing Island.”

As the smallest inhabited island in Hawaii that’s accessible to travelers, Lana’i offers a perfect balance of serenity and adventure when you want to veer away from Hawaii’s beachside crowds.

Start your day with an outdoor adventure and be amazed by the island’s lush landscapes on horseback. For an incredible, 360-degree view of Maui, go on a hike with Lanai’s easy cliffside trails. If you’re traveling with a group or with your family, you can also go on a back-road adventure and explore isolated shores and dirt paths on a four-wheel drive.

For an afternoon slowdown, enjoy the stunning sunsets of the island and go beachcombing on long stretches of white sand.

Paako Beach (Secret Cove)

The North Queensland trip is never complete without visiting Australia’s unique wildlife!

Tucked between two black, lava rock wells in the south of Maui is Paako Beach (also known as Secret Cove).

Once you’re at the Secret Beach, you’ll have rows and rows of picturesque palm trees and lava rocks that are Instagram worthy – a perfect destination for weddings. Moreover, it is also perfect for snorkeling because of its clear water, good visibility and lots of tropical fish.

Hanapepe, Kauai

If you love Disney films, there’s a high chance you’ll enjoy the town of Hanapepe in Kauai. Dubbed as Kauai’s “Biggest Little Town”, Hanapepe is the inspiration for Disney film’s “Lilo & Stitch”!

Hanapepe is considered as one of Kauai’s known historic communities. In the late 1880s, it flourished with Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino immigrants flocking to the island to work on sugar plantations. At present, its historic buildings and plantations are now home to many enticements — from perfectly curated art galleries, to unique cafés and restaurants, to farmers’ markets! And while you’re here, don’t forget to drop by the town’s famed Swinging Bridge. Pro-tip: Bring lots of water as you will jump from one restaurant or café to another! Snack on some taro chips while strolling or visiting art galleries.

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