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RCI Weeks

RCI Weeks


RCI Weeks members receive incredible benefit from their vacation ownership with the ability to trade what they own for another 7-night or 3/4-night exchange vacation in amazing destinations around the world. With more than 35,000 guaranteed vacation options to choose from after depositing, it’s no wonder why millions of timeshare owners choose RCI year-after-year. Additional flexibility enjoyed by RCI Weeks members provides more control and more options on how to make the most of their vacation time and vacation ownership:


All about your deposits : Exchanging your Holiday Week for one at another RCI resort is simple: you deposit the week you own from your home resort with RCI, and then choose a week at another resort for an exchange from RCI.


Exchanging is easy !
Step 1: Deposit - your vacation week with RCI. Your week will be assigned a Deposit Trading Power that you can then use to search for available exchange vacations.
Step 2: Request - Put in a request for the vacation you’re interested in.
Step 3: Confirm - Receive a confirmed exchange and get ready to go! If one of your desired vacation choices is available, your RCI Guide can confirm your exchange immediately. If your desired vacation is not available, RCI will perform an ongoing search on your behalf.


Take two vacations from one week : Trade your week for another week with a lower trading power value and receive the “left over” trading power in the form of a Deposit Credit to use toward a second vacation.

A word about trading Power : Know the actual exchange value of your week with RCI, and you can now take advantage of the following benefits:
Trading Power is “the value assigned by RCI to Vacation Time upon deposit and used by RCI to fulfill an Exchange Request”. This means, your Trading Power is the value that RCI assigns to your week at the time of deposit, which determines what Exchange Availability you see when you search for an exchange vacation. Your Trading Power is the value used by RCI tomaximise and fulfill your exchange requests.

Trade-up : You can combine multiple deposits to increase your trading power and trade into a vacation you couldn’t afford before.

Book a Cruise Vacation : As an RCI Weeks member, you also have the flexibility to exchange your deposit toward the purchase of thousands of cruise vacations - another great way to enjoy your vacation ownership with RCI.