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In this edition of Endless Vacation, we bring you unseen gems from our repository of destinations. Discover what’s hot in Seoul, as we turn the spotlight on South Korea’s heartbeat. What to do when you go to Melbourne? We have some tips! We also bring you thirteen counties with an on-spot visa option to help you plan a quick international getaway. The Canary Islands is the big story, as we dive deep into all that this destination has to offer. Check out our recommended accommodations to make your pilgrimages a pleasant experience. Read our member story, When Colours Fall From Heaven, a virtual tour of the Canadian fall season. Go on, read and stay inspired as you plan your next vacations.

2019 2nd Edition

In the latest edition of Endless Vacations you will find an assortment of beaches, hill stations and jungle escapes for that change of scenery. All right within India, and one very close by, in Sri Lanka. All practically doable with some planning. Trek the hills of Dharamshala or exchange the concrete jungles for real one at Corbett. Perhaps the beaches of Andaman or Sri Lanka would do the trick to recharge you. Thrown in are some evergreen escapes–from Ooty to Kodaikanal to Shimla and Lonavala. For a dose of heritage therapy, Ahmedabad fits the bill. Besides the destinations, the resorts themselves will have enough amenities to let you relax and recoup. With such a spread, perhaps the only stressful part now is selecting where to head first. Go ahead, read, discover and plan your family getaway.