We’re the small part of your big opportunity.

Affiliating with us gives your owners more incentive to purchase.

You’ll be able to offer RCI membership, ideally at the time of sale, though also available retrospectively.

With a choice of our standard or RCI Platinum premium tier membership options, you’re not simply selling a week at your resort: you’re giving your owners the potential to travel anywhere in the world and the option of flexibility. Any trip. Any time. Anywhere.

You’re giving the option of flexibility and access to a world of savvy travelling.

Our exchange holidays are still a member favourite, making it simple to exchange their ownership week for another or more at an affiliated resort anywhere around the world. But you’ll now also be able to offer:

And – most importantly:

Flexible ways to pay, including using trading power or points to reduce the cost of hotels, plus RCI Platinum members can do the same for car rental.

We got bigger. You can go bigger.


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*Selected additional perks and priviledges available to RCI Platinum members