For less than £2.50 per week, you can be part of our global network of travel-loving members.*

We’re an annual subscription membership for people who want to get more. When you join RCI, your holiday ownership becomes your currency to exchange for endless travel experiences.

Access discounted stays around the world. Choose from 4,100 resorts, 600,000 hotels, cruises, and bucket-list tours – just use your trading power or points to reduce the price.

Discover more ways to use your membership with flights and airport transfers, or enjoy car rental and activity tickets at home or on holiday. Plus get more perks and access to discounted airport lounges by upgrading to RCI Platinum. All at your fingertips on

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If you own at an RCI Weeks resort and want to join us, follow the steps below. If you own at an RCI Points resort, please contact your home resort for details on how to join through them.

If you’re unsure whether your resort is an RCI Weeks or RCI Points resort, please contact them.


* Based on a two-year membership of £227 = £113.50 / year. £113.50 / 52 weeks of the year = £2.18 a week.

^Three year saving of £51, based on our standard 2-year enrolment fee of £227, plus 1 year non-Direct Debit renewal fee of £84, a total of £311, minus the standard 3-year enrolment fee of £260 = £51 saving.

Five year saving based on our standard 2-year self-enrolment fee of £227, plus 3 x1 year non-Direct Debit renewal fees of £84/year at a total of £252 = £479, minus the standard 5-year enrolment fee of £277 = £202 saving.