Timeshare – or shared-holiday ownership – means you purchase a period of time, usually a week or more, in holiday accommodation based on a resort with of on-site amenities which could include a pool, bar, restaurant and more.

Timeshare puts holiday-home ownership within the financial reach of those who would like a second home in a destination they love, but may not be able to afford to buy whole ownership – or may not want the degree of financial commitment of a second home purchase.

Resorts typically offer a single week ownership option, with the potential to purchase additional weeks at the same resort, or at others owned by the same developer. If you decide not to go to the resort you own at each year, your RCI membership offers you the chance to put your ownership week into our holiday exchange programme and book a different week at your home resort, or take another week at a completely different resort. Fractional-ownership properties and destination clubs usually offer longer periods of ownership over several weeks – often at upmarket properties in prime locations.

"RCI gives us the freedom to take our time and get the holiday we enjoy ... We feel the assistance we get prepares us for our trips and never feel the need to take a guided tour or go with a travel company. This truly enriches the experience for us and enables us to take things at our own pace."

Jean-Louis and Marie-Françoise: RCI Members for more than 20 years


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