When to book a Weeks Exchange Vacation?

Maximizing your exchange vacation options with your RCI Weeks® membership is all about timing. Here’s a quick run-down on when to Deposit your Week in order to get the most Deposit Trading Power toward your next vacation.

Adjustment Schedule

If you Deposit your week more than 9 months (271 days) before its check-in date, you’ll receive its full Deposit Trading Power value.

If you Deposit within 9 months, you’ll receive a percentage of the maximum Deposit Trading Power based on a sliding scale – the Deposit Trading Power Adjustment Schedule – as follows:

Deposit Trading Power Adjustment SchedulePercent of trading power retained
9 months to 2 years (271+ days) from check-in100%
6 to 9 months (181 to 271 days) from check-in95%
3 to 6 months (91 to 180 days) from check-in90%
1 to 3 months (31 to 90 days) from check-in80%
15 to 30 days from check-in60%
14 days or less from check-in45%
Month calculations are approximate