What options do I have if an Exchange is not immediately available?

Option 1: Open an Ongoing Search and RCI will search for you 24/7 and notify you when a match is found. It is the first place newly member-deposited weeks are matched against, so members on the list get prioritized access to the newly deposited weeks. To start an Ongoing Search, the Exchange Fee must be paid upfront (although Platinum members are not charged until we find a match!), but if a match isn’t found or accepted, the Exchange Fee is fully refundable1!

Option 2: Adjust your search parameters. It is important to be as flexible as possible when looking for Exchange vacations. Check your dates and resort/region choices and see if altering those brings up additional vacations. Try searching by vacation type instead of by specific destination, and consider smaller units if you're able.

Option 3: You can combine multiple Deposits or Deposit Credits for a fee of $119USD to book a unit requiring an Exchange Trading Power value greater than your individual Deposit Trading Power value. The new Combined Deposit Trading Power will then be eligible to exchange for a vacation with a check-in date within 12 months from the date of the combine.

Option 4: Book an Extra VacationsSM getaway. These are 7-night cash vacations available to you without using a Deposit and are often priced lower than what you would pay for a hotel room. Pricing starts as low as $399USD per week--which comes to only $57USD per night.

Option 5: RCI® subscribing members have access to thousands of cruise vacations on many of the leading cruise lines. Choose from two options - Exchange a qualified Deposit toward the purchase of a select cruise for great savings on your cabin, or purchase a cruise with cash (also referred to as Cruise Extra VacationsSM getaways) at special, member-only rates backed by the RCI Cruise Best Rate Guarantee.

1 The current RCI Exchange Fee is required to set up an Ongoing Search. The Exchange Fee may be refundable if no match is found, provided you are otherwise in full compliance with all applicable exchange program requirements.