What are the benefits of Borrowing Points?

When booking an exchange vacation online, you’ll see the option to Borrow Points from your next Use Year during the checkout process (when eligible). Or, you can call us at 1.877.968.7476 and a Vacation Guide would be happy to assist you.

There is no cost to borrow Points, so long as your annual subscribing membership fees for the year from which you are borrowing are paid.

  • Borrowing Points can allow you to exchange for a vacation at a resort that requires more Points than you currently have available.
  • Maybe you know you won't be able to take a vacation in your next Use Year. Why not borrow those Points to use in this Use Year and take an even better vacation?
  • Or, if you’ve already used all your current Use Year’s Points, borrowing Points from your next Use Year can allow you to take another vacation in your current Use Year.