When should I begin searching for my Exchange Vacation?

You can plan your vacation as early as 24 months in advance of travel. The earlier you search, the more Exchange options you're likely to find. Even if the vacation you want isn't available, you can enter an Ongoing Search so we can continue working on finding a vacation for you.

The below tools are available to help you with your vacation planning:

  • Advanced Search: Allows you to select all of your desired criteria at one time and begin searching.
  • Favorites Search: If you generally search for the same type of vacation each time, you can save your desired search criteria as a Favorite Search.
  • Ongoing Search: If you can’t find what you’re looking for in your initial search, RCI will continue to search for you, notifying you when a match is found.
  • Clickable Map: When you know the destination you have in mind and just need to find the perfect resort, the clickable map is a great tool to use.
  • Recommendations: Based on your search history and past travel with RCI, we put together resorts matching your interests.
  • Vacation Ideas: Visit this section of RCI.com to explore different destinations and get inspiration for your next exchange vacation!